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Author Topic: From Australia my Story-  (Read 1295 times)


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From Australia my Story-
« on: July 06, 2010, 05:18:19 PM »

By RockyBalboa Laziofevermember 2009

Quote from: rockybalboa83
Evening lazio fans.

I just wanted to share my experiences from just being away overseas for a few weeks and now back home in Melbourne, Australia tonight!

Having both parents born in italy and migrating to australia at the ages of 18years, most definitely I consider myself an australian born italian and having the pleasure of growing up with two fantastic cultures, but growing up with the more cultured mentality of an italian.

My father born in Tuscany and my mother in Sicily. Why do I go for lazio you ask? Well ever since I was 4 years old Lazio were always the team i supported. Growing up it was tough being around other kids who just go for Juventus or Milan or Inter. I was always the only fan I have ever known that goes for lazio. Why do you go for lazio daniel? Always the same question. And I answer because lazio is in the heart. You follow your team no matter what.

Endless hours lost in sleep to watch my boys play on RAI or ESPN. I had to go to Germany for work and I thought this is the perfect chance to see my boys play both Chievo and Catania and having never seen Lazio play live I can't tell you the excitement I had.

I travelled from Berlin to Verona especially to see our boys earn albeit it lucky win vs Chievo but we didnt deserve a loss or a draw out of that game. But I had the pleasure of sitting in the Curva Chievo hahaha And they were not too happy that A - I was there and B - that they lost because of a horrible mistake by Mantovani.

Then travelling to il Stadio to watch our boys play Catania was amazing. When I climbed those steps and saw the stadium my jaw dropped. I couldnt believe I was there! This boy from Melbourne grown up watching his heroes on tv for so long and finally understanding what we miss out on in Australia. Seeing the banners, the passion in the songs, the chants of my fellow laziale.

Catania clearly had parked their team bus infront of their goal and did not want to concede. They played such a negative style. I asked the question and have for many weeks Mr Rossi pay some respect to Pasqua Foggia!!! speed, skill,goal scoring ability. He is a spark. Put this man on from the start!!! And he puts him on and Pasqua nails it to give us the win! Everyone errupted!!! I nearly got pushed off my seat!

I just wanted to share my experience and let everyone out there know that even in a country like Australia where there are a lot of italian families we are far but we still share the same passion you do in Europe where it is close. I travelled far to see my boys play and I will never forget the feeling or the comraderie of the Lazio tifosi.

The song that was sung was Che sara` sara` what ever will be will be, we follow the boys in blue che sara` sara` !!! That sums up loyalty, love and passion for one club. And since I was a little boy I knew who I wanted and I knew who I loved and going to italy for the first time to see them play gave me goosebumps.

Forza Lazio

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