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Author Topic: Derby April 18 2010 The story Board  (Read 5322 times)


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Derby April 18 2010 The story Board
« on: July 07, 2010, 12:08:50 AM »

April 11 2010 - Stadio Olimpico, Rome

This is one derby we will remember for a long time for many reasons....

Lazio's precarious position in the table, hovering above the relegation zone while la Roma and her fans were ready to celebrate a possible Scudetto. The Laziali fans were tired and discouraged after a shameful season, suffering under a president, with no style, slowly sucking the life out the club. This was not to stop our members from making the long, expensive trip to Rome from all over to support their Lazio.

Unfortunately, the derby will be remembered for what eventually prevented most of our members reaching the stadium. The volcano erruption in Iceland spread an ash cloud over Europe bringing most of the continent's airspace to a hault. 80% of flights were cancelled and we worked tirelessly to help who could still make it to get here.

Of the 85 who reserved a seat only 25 could make it to the Olimpico through enormous sacrifices of their own.

We lost...but that is another story.


From Laziofever Forum: April 19 2010

Quote from: Ermetico
Yes we lost.
But this Derby deserve a story board for many reasons because , from the fans side, has been a real hell and experience .
We must remind what we all did to support la Lazio and how much we spent in time, passion, fatigue and money to attend this special match!

I invite all beeing here , and still in Rome, to share with you all their experience even if some of you already share many matches togheter:

Personally i start with few words because i was in my stand and i can't "feel" what you feel but , trust me , i am sure that you really got the " Match".
Again i thanks all attending the match after a crazy week of uncertain chances to join us  due to the Volcano blast on the transportation and i invite you to write few words with some pics here.

Like you i  invite anyone that want to share is story with us because yesterday on la Gazzetta dello Sport a full page was dedicated to all fans abroad and how they spent the day for the Big one.

Also i take this opportunity to think about the future regarding LFever task for tickets , money , and so on because it will , radically, change.


Saturday 17th article by Davide Stoppini on la Gazzetta

Some pics from the Olimpico...

Source are from differents forums:

Our fathers colours....

An amazing pic...
By Gianni BARBERI   Pro Photo Freelance

Amazing Colours!!

Topic storyboard performed by GioLazio LFteam.

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Re: Derby April 18 2010 The story Board
« Reply #1 on: July 07, 2010, 12:10:24 AM »

One of our member's report:

Quote from: Sile
Ok here we go...

We (me, Ivan, a friend that's not on the forum and his friend) arrived on Friday around 3 pm. After settling in the worst hostel ever we headed to get the tickets. There we met Paolo and Conn, had a quick chat, obviously the mood was a bit on the down side because of the f***** volcano. As I'm about to become an uncle I bought these for my future nephew, you've got to get them while they're young :D

Later we went to the Bandana pub, a great place, to watch the Inter – Rubentus game. Ivan and I were the first to arrive, and found the place to be swarmed with bloody riommanisti, all cheering for Rube (they're a disgrace). We sat down and watched the game, ordered beers, then enters Laziogirl, her wonderful daughter and their friend Daniel who's also a massive laziale. We introduce ourselves, chat a bit, then Inter scores.
All the people in the bar start cursing but Laziogirl starts shouting and clapping her hands and celebrating like crazy!!! That was so awesome! Some wankers tried to shut her up but she couldn't give a flying have fun about them :D

After the game Il Capitano came to the pub, and we started chatting away, and as expected I got pretty wasted. Was a good evening though.
Saturday, I don't know if it was food or alcohol poisoning, but I felt like crapp all day. A bit of sightseeing and preparing for Laziofever derby dinner.
I must say that it was a great pleasure meeting all the people, and express my sincerest regret that a lot of people weren't able to arrive. Paolo had 2 surprises for us, the shirt for Classo and a chance for us to meet the legendary Pino Wilson!!!

The pic is a bit blurry, but Michael (the guy came from f***** Canada!!!) will send me the one he took.

The food was excellent, even though my stomach was acting up. People said I looked like shite, but that's basically what I always look like. It's just that then I felt inside the way I look on the outside, which is not pretty :D
As I said, the food was excellent, except for some really weird sausage. I will let you decide if you'd eat it.

I'm an ungrateful bastard, but I don't hide it :D

Again we went out for drinks, again I got wasted, but what are you supposed to do when the company is as great as these laziali.
Now to the big day, the tension was great, the day seemed to last forever. We met by the restaurant we had the dinner the night before, and went  to the stadium early to avoid crowds. Here's our new flag people, it looks awesome.

 Unfortunately we got separated when Ivan and me stopped to buy some beers, and the messages I sent to Laziogirl and Engberg didn't go through so I was worried, especially after the game ended and riots erupted. Fortunately, everything was ok.
Now what you've been waiting for, here are the best two videos I took. I mean the atmosphere was awesome, way better than last years home derby. Chills go through my spine even now. You'll have to excuse me singning, my voice kept breaking up, and it was hard to shoot a vid while yelling my heart out and waving the flag they gave us as  part of the coreo.

Fights in Tevere and Monte Mario started near the end of Non mollare mai, the security did a poor job, bastards.

I fiddled with my camera for a while, but couldn't get the panorama shot well, that's what happens when you're stupid enough :(

The game deserves no comment. I was and still am heartbroken.

I learned quite a few new chants, my favorite being the moment when 50,000 ppl were singing „Mamma di De Rossi e 'na ......“ and the ironic applause to their failed attempt at a miserable coreography and the chants „Scemi scemi“. Just and excellent experience.

After the match we met Conn who suggested we don't take Ponte Milvio, and it's good that we didn't. When bombs started going off people around us started running and believe me it's not a pleasant feeling. My whole family was panicking because of the news on riots.  We again went to Porta Pia, had something to eat, drank a beer, and went home, since no-one came to Bandana, and I can't blame them.

Yesterday we headed back to Zagreb, there were a lot of cars on the freeway, the situation with the volcano really disrupted traffic everywhere.
We were fortunate, because we live relatively close and have a car, while Laziogirl and Sascha are stranded in Rome because they can't get home, even all the trains and buses going north are all booked. Hold on guys!!

All in all this was a great weekend, it's a privilege to be able to support la Lazio and I didn't regret going for a second. The result tells one story, but the play on the pitch and the chants from the stands speak another – la Lazio, prima squadra della Capitale. Daje Lazio, daje Laziali.

Che vinca che perda la riomma resta merda!

That's it. It's a long post but hey. I would like the others to share their stories as well. Good night now, I'm still a wreck.
Forza Lazio per sempre.



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Re: Derby April 18 2010 The story Board
« Reply #2 on: July 07, 2010, 12:11:48 AM »

....and more

Quote from: Nickx13
So, here's my story. Sorry for the delay, it's because of the Eyjafjallajökull.  :D

First, we go a few months back in time, before the start of the Serie A. We're waiting on the calender and finally it's there! The first thing I wanted to know: " The derby? When is the derby? ". I checked it, it couldn't be. The 18th of April, my birthday. What a present would a derby-victory be! The most beautiful ever. And finally it's there, after months of waiting, looking forward to it. After months of laughing from the merde, months of pain & months of defeats. Only this game could give our season a little bit of colour! I have to be there, for my team! And suddenly... A real nightmare became real! A vulcano? All flights cancelled. That couldn't be, not now, not this weekend! I could see myself on Friday, crying, tears for La Mia Lazio. Thinking this would be the worst moment of my life, the worst birthday ever. From heaven to hell in just a few hours. I called all my friends, with a trilling voice, for saying that we couldn't go to Il derby della Capitale. What a disaster! And then my mobile went off... A message from a friend: " Hey, mate! My birthday-present for you... I'll drive to Rome! ". Tears, again, of happiness! Another time, from heaven to hell, but now in the other direction. I could feel the adrenaline! I packed my bags, tried to sleep a few hours, but I couldn't. Finally, 07.00AM, off to Rome! Avanti, ragazzi! What a trip... 3200 km, just to see my favorite team, but it's worth it. Starting here in Antwerp, so many hours to go before we would arrive. I could feel the Lazialita in the car! Luxemburg, France, Switzerland and then... Italia! But still many hours & kilometers to go... Milano, where we slept a few hours, Parma, Bologna,... and finally, Roma! We just arrived when I got a message from Conn for the tickets. So, off to Porta Pia, where I met all the other Laziale from all over the world. Nice meeting you, guys, and many respect for coming! Conn offered us an Espresso and Jesus, I never felt so good. :D Because of the caffeine we all forgot the huge trip we made! And then, time to go! Time to go to lo stadio! It felt like the bus-trip was even longer then the trip we already made... But finally, we're there! I could smell the Tevere, I could see Olimpico, I could see the other Laziali, another boost of pure adrenaline! More than 2 hours before the kick-off, but the Curva Nord & Distini were nearly full... Is there anything more beautiful in the world? A thousand banners, waving in the sky, like our song is saying. What a feeling! What a fantastic club we have! We, united as one, against that second team in Rome. Like Conn said, the history against the fashion. The elegance against the many. We're ready, let's have it! The 11 gladiators came on the pitch, the stadium exploded! Forza Lazio, ale! What a start, our Capitano, 1-0. The noise when Rocchi scored, people who went totally crazy. Yes! And then, at the beginning of second time, penalty! have funing yes, this is our chance! I couldn't watch, so I turned my back to the pitch. So many tension on the terraces, but... Floccari missed! What a disaster! Che disastro! And now, everyone could feel it coming... 1-2, we lost the derby, such an important game. I never felt so disappointed. Totti who was provoking us, the Romanisti who were celebrating like they already won the Scudetto. And for us, only tears & pain. Everyone was totally broken, also I was. I cried, like many others, on the terrace. I never saw so many people leaving a stadium with the head down. We didn't deserve that! But, I had such a strange feeling also. I never was só proud to be a Laziale, to be one of them. Even not after winning the derby last season or winning the Coppa. The way we all stood together, as one massive group, against them, that's unique! I'm hoping & praying that everything will become good at the end of this season, but I'm full of confidence. Such team, with such great tifosi, it couldn't be that we're going down. That's impossible! And if God wouldn't be with us, we just fight back! Again, as one big group. For our city, for our colors. We will never surrender, never!

Lazio, ti amo. Ieri, oggi e domani... Per sempre!

A special thank to Alessio & Paolo for all the organisation, it must have been really stressful for you both. You guys are the real champions. Grazie!


Quote from: Il Capitano
Since we all know how the game went I want to concentrate on the stuff which happened around the derby, the travelling, a strange volcano and beautiful employees at this  store.

When I first booked the flight it was July and I already looked forward to the whole trip since then, especially because I missed my first derby since spring 2003 after my holiday in New York collided with the match in December.

On Thursday evening I saw some news on television about a volcano called Icelandwantstoscrewthewholeecon omicsystemofeurope but didn’t really care since that weird island is basically not around the corner. On half past seven in the morning I got a text message from Lufthansa that my flight at 11:25 CET was cancelled. As I live close to the train station I went right there, missed a first possible train, but took another one at 9:30 CET with a supposed arrival of 22:45 CET at Roma Termini. Luckily I took some movies with me and also my laptop, which was of great help later on. In Milan I was able to catch one of the new Freccierosse, a fast train which connects Milano Centrale with Roma Termini within three hours. All in all I paid 280 Euros to arrive in Rome at 22:00 CET and went straight to my usual hotel, which had installed a WiFi-connection, very much to my delight. After checking in I went straight to Bandana Pub, where Paolo had booked a table for way too many people! What was he thinking? I entered the bar just after Inter had beaten Juventus and met Sinisa, Ivan, Susanne, Kim and Daniel there. Then I got the news that many of the other Laziali from around Europe were stuck in England, Sweden or the Netherlands and weren’t able to make it. We decided to take a few drinks in order to forget the horrible news, while Sinisa got even more and suddenly was asking me and my friend Pascal, who joined us later, why Bavaria stands out so much from all other German regions. At some point, though, Bandana decided to close and we (Sinisa, Ivan, Pascal and me, the left-overs) had to leave, getting a snack around the corner of my hotel just before going to bed.

The next day I didn’t do much and still hoped my flight back home on Monday would go and just waited for the dinner at the Rosso Pomodoro. We gathered there shortly after seven o’clock and also Mats, a Swedish journalist bringing over his two daughters, Alessio and two Canadian guys together with Paolo joined the group from the Bandana drinking the night before. The food, despite some weird Italian sausage was more than excellent, but way too much. We had “some” appertizers, then pasta, risotto and the already mentioned sausage with rosemary potatoes and salad. For some weird reason somebody decided to cancel our dinner. In the meantime some older guy had come in, Pino Wilson, who had stolen my nickname Il Capitano, however I still allowed him to pose for some pictures with our Laziali, who happily welcomed him. Afterward we went to a winebar not too far away and later went on to have some more drinks at the famous, but very full New Age Café (best regards to Classo).

The next day we were all eager to attend the game. After that “massive” display we saw an intense match with a bitter ending, but as always it was a great experience. I didn’t like the running part after the match, but even at places where everything is so well organized like in Rome *cough* sometimes the unexpected happens. Sinisa, Ivan, Pascal and me later had dinner at Bella Napoli and afterwards we went to Termini together, since my flight for Monday had been cancelled as well, ironically I got the message during our way to the stadium. I wanted to check for train tickets, but the automatic ticket counters didn’t tell the real truth and so I had to wait at least one more day to see what will happen. I didn’t like it too much that the hotline of Lufthansa was always busy, but because of that I had no choice and needed to go to the Fiumicino-airport to get a new flight, this time for Wednesday. That meant two more nights in Rome, which had to be well used, for example for a good dinner on Monday with Susanne, Kim and Daniel. In the meantime we were looking for other options (rented car) to get home. We couldn’t find any, but I got bad news while we were watching Inter-Barcelona at the Bandana on Tuesday, as my Wednesday flight was cancelled as well. For some reason one idiot decided to celebrate Inter’s second goal as if they had won the CL semifinal’s first leg and took down the beamer, so for some minutes we could only listen Maurizio Compagnoni’s emotional commentary (rrrrrrrrrrrrrrete!) waiting for a solution. We got a very dark and lousy picture afterwards and decided that enough is enough and went home. I tried to call the German railway various time in the night, but it was always busy. Luckily somebody replied in the morning and told me that there were still train tickets available to Cologne.

I went straight to Termini after passing a certain store, where I was introduced to a beauty of nature called Elena, who was helping out there. Some grey-haired guy wanted me to sell second-hand plastic watches in the meantime, but I declined. After waiting less long than expected I finally reached an open counter and got my ticket back home for today, 290 Euros for starting the trip at 9:30 CET in Rome, reaching Cologne at 22:05 CET. For some reason, just in front of the long lines waiting at the counters, a sign said: WE HAVE TO INFORM YOU THAT ALL TICKETS TO NORTH EUROPE ARE SOLD OUT UNTIL APRIL 24TH. Maybe I got something wrong here, but I doubt it. So tahnk you for nothing actually, also on behalf of many people not getting home because of the wrong information. Later on Pascal and I watched Bayern beating Lyon at a friend’s place. I finally got back to the hotel around 2 in the night, where the receptionist had fallen asleep and opened me the door after ten minutes. What a perfect ending for a perfect trip. Overall 570 Euros extra for train tickets, 16 Euros going to Fiumicino for basically nothing and 195 Euros for three extra nights at the hotel. Was it worth it? No doubt about it. It was just a very unfortunate not to see a lot of other Laziali. See you in the fall!




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Re: Derby April 18 2010 The story Board
« Reply #3 on: July 07, 2010, 12:12:55 AM »

LazioGirl from Stockholm

What an adventure!!!!

Quote from: laziogirl
Ok back in Stockholm and here comes my story!

My travel expenses started already before taking off on wednesday morning when I received an email from the taxi transport saying that we didn't show up in the airport the 14th 00.01. I dacknowledged my mistake and changed it to the 15th at 00.01, 50€ charged already on my VISA :cry:

Ok, no use to cry over spilled milk as we say in Sweden. Me, Daniel and Kim(my daughter) arrived and taxi drove us to the Margot Guest House where we always stay, and I prepaid the taxi also for the return to Fiumicino scheduled for Monday 04:30 100€.
(next time ask Paolo to fix a limo from Fiumicino to Rome centre at 50 euro)

On thursday as always straight to the Lazioshop to check new stuff, there were this journalist interviewing people, He approached me and asked in italian which team I think would win the derby.  Is he kidding me, asking that question within the Lazioshop :affraid:

Having a beer in the sun I sent a text mess to Nesta Jr telling that sun is shining very happily, no reply weird,  passing Paolo shop  and Simona is there, asking us if we had any troubles to fly down because of the volcano cloud, QUE??????

Now I understand why no response from Nesta Jr, thinking why I'm sending him such a mess when he cant fly down, what a cruel woman!!!!! Now we realized how lucky we were to be in Rome at all, and I really felt for all laziali that seemed to miss one of the most important derby for many years.

We called Paolo and met him later at Enoteca (the wine bar) for a chat and met two guys from Canada being here for their first derby. Later we had dinner at Santo Padre a very good roman kitchen. Ahh finally some italian food and nice wine

Friday passed by showing my daughter all tourists stuff in Rome, picked up our tickets at lazioshop, met up Ivan, Sinisa, Sascha in Bandana watching the game inter-juventus, the bar was full of romanistas cheering for Juventus.  When game was over I stood up, applauding the Inter win, sometimes its good to be a woman :-)
 Kim was so tired and I promised her to leave, 5 drinks later she looked like she wanted to kill me so I gave up, took my responsibility as a parent and we went home to the hotel.

Saturday was nice and quiet, we did meet for the dinner at Rosso Pommodoro, met Pino Wilson which was a great surprise, and ate and ate and ate, mamma mia. Mats(the swedish journalist) was there and had his two daughters with him, and he told them that they have to pass the Lazioshop next day, and they asked why? Its really fun there he said and you really want this "stuff", they looked at him and said No dad we don't want that stuff :cheers:

I delivered the herring(sill) and hard bread (knäckebröd) which I brought for Paolo, hope you liked it!

We did go to this crazy New age cafe where they were setting drinks of fire, I was not in the mood to party or stay up late, tomorrow is the game so we decided to go home after one drink to stay fresh.

SUNDAY, I have had a feeling all week that this derby is going to be the biggest clash for years, and I was nervous when we went out to the stadium with Gustav, Sascha, Sinisa and Pascal, but a very bad smell from a guy in the bus did wake me up and we all rushed out before we started to puke.. Gustav, Daniel and Kim and I ended up in one section at Distinti Ovest, Suddenly a guy came with a woman, stitting down two rows in front of us and people started to applaud, approaching him, kissing him, taking pictures and we didn't know who he was. He had to leave because it came too much and then he sneaked in with a different jacket and cap very incognito to be left alone. Daniel have a blurry picture on his mobile so we need to start an investigation, he had 11 on his shirt and looked to have been around 73/74.

After the game we left asap, we took the decision to turn right for a shorter way to the busses passing the main bridge, our intention was too try to avoid any incidents. First a laziale took a bottle and smacked in the forehead of a romanista passing by just in front of us, oops!
Then a big guy looked at Daniel and started to shout Laziale in a hostile way.....Then on the bridge Gustav went into a post smashing his forehead...
And finally all people on the bridge started to run since the carabinieri was coming...... and hell yeah we were running too!
Ok for next derby we will consider to skip the shortway home....

Our flight had already been cancelled on monday and was now scheduled for wednesday morning, so two extra days in Rome, more nice food and more nice wine and great company with other laziales. It would have been even greater if we didn't had to spend our time in internet cafes, phone with fiumicino, trying to get some more money, finding buses, hire a car, train whatever since we had no idea if the flights were leaving or not for the rest of the week.

Wednesday came and our flight was cancelled again without further information, because the cloud were now even worse and over sweden....we took the decision to go out to the airport and arrived 1:45, I tried to find some scandinavian check-in and saw that a SAS flight was scheduled for Copenhagen at 14:50. we went to the check-in and they said that we had 5 minutes to try to buy a ticket if we should check-in. We then met this SAS swedish employee that helped us, he called a person on his mobile, got a price 200€ /person to fly from Rome-Copenhagen-Stockholm, took my credit card and gave them the numbers, and then we checked in and off we were, landed in Stockholm yesterday evening at 19.10! What a hero.

So same as Sascha we spent a lot of extra money for this derby, 600€ flight tickets, 42€ Fiumicino, and 150 € on hotel.

Letitizia our hotel lady gave us 70€ discount for the hotel, and also a nice sicily wine as a present , so I told her that we will be back within a couple of months because as Sacha is saying it was worth every penny to see La Lazio fighting as warriors, Paolo as charming as always, all nice laziale friends that managed to get to Rome, and I also think that my daughter Kim has become a llittle more interested in football and Lazio  (though she won't admit it)

Forza Lazio!

And Austrian friends....






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Re: Derby April 18 2010 The story Board
« Reply #4 on: July 07, 2010, 12:14:34 AM »

Let's close this with a far away friend ..A great Laziale!!

By Non Mollare Mai

I caressed the shiny flag for one last time, before stowing it into the drawer. Lazio’s Tri-Colori flag will not fly again until the next Rome derby.

I sighed deeply and said quietly to myself. “If only Floccari had converted the penalty”.

As a life long supporter of S.S Lazio, the derby meant the world to me. The feeling of defeating our rival, A.S Roma, in the derby is as amazing as winning the Italian Championship. This year’s Rome derby is particularly interesting – with five games remaining, Roma are one point behind league leader, Inter Milan. Lazio, on the other hand, find themselves languishing at fifth from the bottom of the table, and fighting to survive in Serie A. Therefore, both teams were really fired up for the game.

In Italy, preparation for the derby starts as early as 1 month before the match. Fans would flood Lazio’s TV/Radio talk shows and Internet forums to urge their players on, and they will start preparing the flags and banners we often see flying in the stands.

Despite being bombarded by Premier League football in Singapore, I had the honor and privilege to befriend a die-hard Lazio fan, Stefano. He was born and bred in Rome, and is currently working here. He had chanced upon my blog and has since joined the local Lazio Supporters group. We decided to show our support for Lazio despite being thousands of miles away from Rome – we decided to construct a Lazio flag for the derby.

After meeting with some problems liaising with local flag manufactures, we decided to make the flags ourselves. It is common for fans in Italy to design and make their own flags. For fans, a flag with the club’s symbols is very sacred indeed. 

We headed to Mustafa Shopping Centre to locate the materials, and Stefano’s familiarity with the mall was amazing. We managed to find the fabric and color that we wanted: dark blue, white and sky blue, Lazio’s colors. We drew up the dimensions and began sewing. With the help of my cousin, who is a seamstress, the flag was completed in no time. Measuring 300x200cm, it is huge, and we could not wait to fly it on match day.

We would be watching the game at Sapore Italiano Café Bar, which is located at Raffles City. Darran, another Lazio fan, and I were there early to set up our flags, camera and, of course, to soak up the atmosphere. Guess what to my disgust, the Romanista – Roma fans in Italian – were already there; the owner of the place had invited a few Roma fans for the match. The intensity of the rivalry between the two Roman teams is like no other derby I’ve seen. I felt the tension the moment I crossed eyes with this fat Italian man in his early 40s. Animosity between fans at the derby is common, and it was no surprise that even here, the hostility felt very real.

After I got to my seat, this fat man turned around and asked me arrogantly and sarcastically, “Why do you support Lazio?” I replied, smiling, “Because Roma are s***”.

I had already told myself not to be provocative, but his manner of disrespect prompted my similarly uncouth response, and so I thought I should return the favor.

Meanwhile, the boys from Singapore Lazio Supporters group started arriving, and we were all very optimistic and confident that we would obtain a good result. That was because we had won the last three editions of the home game against Roma. The last, a memorable 4-2 victory.

A familiar song was played in the restaurant just before kickoff and we all sang our hearts out to it - it is our club anthem, ‘Vola Lazio Vola’. I had specially arranged this sing-together, and even got the lyrics of the song printed out for those who wish to sing along. We held up our scarves proudly and I sang myself hoarse. The Roma fans that were present looked at us in astonishment. The looks on their faces suggested to me that they are wondering why there were such crazy Lazio supporters in Singapore, who knows the Italian lyrics of the Lazio anthem by heart. The Romanista were further left dumbstruck when they saw our huge Lazio flag! For me, I felt like we have already won the game!

The match started off with Roma fielding a trident attack in Toni, Totti and Vucini, while Edy Reja, the Lazio coach decided to leave Mauro Zarate, the star player of Lazio, on the bench. Lazio’s defender Willy Stendardo got off to the worst possible start as he was stretched off due to a fractured nose he sustained from a collision with Luca Toni. The Roma fans at the Bar were buoyant and started teasing us. I traded friendly insults with a Romanisti who was sitting in front of me.

The match restarted and a defensive error in the 14th minute by the Roma backline presented us with a goal! We exploded, and I went berserk! Lazio’s Captain, Tomasso Rocchi received a delicate ball from Christian Ledesma and broke free from his marker to slot in the ball into the net. It was one hell of a great start! I was ecstatic!

That goal silenced the Roma fans in the Bar and I could not help but continue singing, which undoubtedly infuriated them. For a second, I felt as though my whole body were shaking. It took me awhile to figure out that it was actually the vibration from my phone, indicating the flurry of SMSes that were pouring in. My cell phone was vibrating non-stop. Friends and colleagues that were behind Lazio for this match were sending me messages to share their joy with me.

I called up my friend, Simon from Nanjing, China, and he too was feeling exuberant. The city of Nanjing is well known for its large Lazio fan base. I could hardly hear what Simon was saying.

“Who did you call, and why were you faking the accent”? Darran asked

“Nanjing fans, everyone went mad”! I replied.

Roma stepped up a gear after the restart but Lazio’s defence held up. We went into the break with a 1-goal cushion. During the half time break, I was so nervous and my heart was pounding so fast that I thought I would collapse from cardiac arrest anytime. I was with Stefano and Melvin as we discussed about the possible changes to the second half. Stefano was telling me about how this derby resembles the one where we won 3-1, courtesy of Di Canio’s superb volley. I, on the other hand, was very worried that Reja would switch to a defensive mode. Roma have been famous for disappearing in the first half and coming back from behind in the second half this season.

The second half started in the best possible way for us. A penalty was awarded to Lazio as Roma defender Cassetti tripped Aleksandar Kolarov inside the penalty area. I turned my back to the screen, as I was too nervous to watch. Striker Sergio Floccari, who on so many occasions single-handedly saved us from the brink of defeat, fired a weak penalty straight into the legs of the Roma keeper, Julio Sergio’s legs - he missed! From the faces of the boys, I knew he had missed. My heart sank! That saved penalty sparked the Roma players forward. Soon after, Kolarov tripped Taddei in the box and the referee gave Roma a penalty. Vucinic stepped up and scored. Roma have equalized much to the horror of all the Laziali in the bar.

I was happy with Rocchi’s work rate and performance for us, and he impressed me further with his run from his own half to the opposition’s penalty box before losing the ball to a Roma defender. I took a deep breath and cursed under my breath. Roma turned the game around completely after the penalty saved by Julio Sergio. Jeremy Menez was brought down just outside the Lazio’s penalty box and Vucinic blasted the ball into the net with Lazio’s custodian, Muslera, stranded. To be fair, that shot was unstoppable.

Our efforts to get back into the game were futile. Zarate was brought on with hope to salvage something but he too was unable to create anything. Ledesma was sent off late into injury time for arguing with the referee. Some post-game scuffles marked the end of 2010 edition’s of the Derby Della Capitale.

Apparently, Roma’s captain, Francesco Totti did a thumb down sign to Lazio fans in the stadium that angered the Lazio players and supporters. Personally, I feel that this is a very unsporting and insulting gesture. As a captain of a team, you are supposed to set a good example to the rest of your teammates and not lead them to committing such a disgraceful act.

In any case, the game goes on. We may have lost a derby, but we have not lost our pride! Whether we are playing in Serie A or B next season, I will never forsake Lazio for any team in the world!

Non Mollare Mai,
Nigel Gan

Me warming up for the derby.

Stefano waving the flag.

A group shot.

We lost a derby, but we did not lose our Pride!

Inside the restaurant/bar. The scarf is a gift from China Laziali.[/quote]

To end up let me tell you something again:::

Amazing Laziali!!! :offlag:


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