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Author Topic: Coppa Italia 2009: The Fans Story  (Read 6358 times)


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Coppa Italia 2009: The Fans Story
« on: July 07, 2010, 12:45:46 AM »


After years of suffering we finally have something special to remember!

On the 13th May 2009 la Lazio won her 5th Coppa Italia title after beating Sampdoria 7-6 after penalties at the Stadio Olimpico. The game ended 1-1 after 90 mins with goals from Mauro Zarate and Gianpaolo Pazzini.

The Match

[HQ] Coppa Italia 2008-09 - Rigori Lazio-Sampdoria (13-05-2009)

As usual Laziofever helped our members to make their presence felt at the stadium to support the team.

This topic is dedicated to all the fans to share their stories, espescially those who were lucky enough to share the moment in person.

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Re: Coppa Italia 2009: The Fans Story
« Reply #1 on: July 07, 2010, 12:46:36 AM »

Quote from: Ermetico
My Name is Ermetico: Italy Rome. I WAS THERE!

My Coppa story:

I really have few words after another season full of sofference.
I was with you during the whole day, i was in the dressing room, i was in the pub drinking and raise the Coppa!.

Quote from: pazke
Pazke blog New header:

My Coppa Story :.........

Wished i was there 

I turned out the TV at the end of ET ... couldn't bare the stress of the shoot-out ... waited half an hour ... then read a msg on a Belgian sportsforum ... vitory 6-5...  :cheers:  ran back as hell to TV to catch up the celebrations, and then rewinded the game to see the shootout ... Grazie Lazio !


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Re: Coppa Italia 2009: The Fans Story
« Reply #2 on: July 07, 2010, 12:47:30 AM »

Quote from: LazioS70



Quote from: Gianni Calcio
My Coppa story is:

I watched it with a cousin, he couldn't bare the stress of the shoot out so he went outside! As soon as Dabo's shot hit the back of the net I jumped for joy screamed and cracked open a bottle of Champagne...




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Re: Coppa Italia 2009: The Fans Story
« Reply #3 on: July 07, 2010, 12:49:07 AM »

Quote from: Il Capitano
Here is my story without reminding others not to chat here, but post their stories instead!!!

After just having been in Rome for the derby Joschi and me waited anxiously for the outcome of the semifinal since we had to book our flights as soon as possible because unfortunately we don't leave anymore close to an airport which offers cheap flights. But still, we managed to get a fairly cheap offer, even if that meant a short stay once more, arriving Wednesday in the afternoon and leaving Thursday morning. Once we had checked in at our hotel we went straight to Lazio Style to pick up our t-shirts, afterwards we went back to the hotel to take a shower and then time was almost up so we had to go to the stadium. When we entered the stadium it was already full of people, something I hadn't seen in a long time and I went to every derby since 2003. Although I hate Sampdoria I must give their fans some credit as well, they did an absolutely beautiful choreography, maybe even more impressive than ours. The atmosphere was awesome. Towards the end of regulation I only feared we'd consider a lucky goal against, but I was quite happy once we reached the extra session so we would have had more time to react in case of a goal against. As I usually do when we got a penalty I didn't watch the shoot-out, I just saw how the people around me reacted. Also afterwards it was great, although people were very tired and exhausted. For some reason Joschi and me reached Bandana first, as we catched the last bus from Piazza Mancini to the center. Then we got nice food, had a great time (cheers Max!) and went to sleep dreaming of how it will feel like when we win the Europa League next year. Right now I'm just waiting for a shirt to buy saying "Io c'ero!". :D

Here are my best pictures:



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Re: Coppa Italia 2009: The Fans Story
« Reply #4 on: July 07, 2010, 12:49:55 AM »

Quote from: Joschi
I have nothing to add to IlCapitano's story...I had an absolutely great time!
Oh, do you know this one:

Grazie Lazio  :cheers:

Quote from: Magnoem
My name is Vaidas (nick Magnoem) I’m from Lithuania.

This is my Coppa Italia final story:
(it’s a long one so you might not be bothered, but at least I’ve put in sections)

Prelude and the trip
It was the second time I went to Rome, the first one was the 3-2 derby of last year, with Behrami winning it for us. It was an amazing experience (I‘m still kicking myself that I‘ve never wrote a story) and it was a very tough one to better. Anyway I decided to go :idea: after Inter-Sampdoria semi-finals because I sensed there was a good chance for us to win at home and the next day already I booked the flight.

To come with me I invited a friend who was a neutral, coming to see the match and the atmosphere, also the Lithuanian Stankevicius playing for Sampdoria. Anyway, my friend ended up buying a Lazio shirt and cheering on Lazio for the whole 120 minutes, as emotional as everyone else around! :bounce:

As for the trip, it was hell tough since we flied to Frankfurt, then waited the airport until the morning and arrived on Tuesday morning. The return trip was Rome-Stockholm-Riga and then a night bus to Lithuania. In total I think we’ve spent approximately 24 hours travelling/waiting, so it was a damn hard.

On top of that I got flu few days before the trip, and the day before I left I was pretty bad that I thought I wouldn’t go, In fact everyone in my family advised me not to.  But I was determined; I thought “Non Mollare Mai”, made the trip anyway and got better with time.

Preparing for the game
On Tuesday we had a few hours rest and went to take the tickets at Porta Pia. The meeting point was Il Fagiano bar but we couldn’t find it for some time (while the meeting instructions were gone before I managed to properly save them). Luckily we’ve met Paolo and a couple of others near there, and ironically the bar was just next to Porta Pia café, except it had no specific name on it.

On Wednesday the meeting to go to the game (although most went on their own I guess) the Porta Pia was supposed to be at 16.00 but we were late like 15 minutes and there were no one in sight. But soon enough Juzko and another guy for Saudi came (damn I forgot his name) so we‘ve joined up with them to go to the game.

We took a taxi, then went to the Lazio Style shop to get the game shirts (though I didn’t, since thanks to LM/LW/ LF I had the brilliant Maglia Unica to wear). On the way to the shop we’ve met some weird guy who was begging for money as he was supposedly beaten up by Sampdoria fans or whatever and needed cash to get tickets, what was probably bullshit. As for the shop it was rather disappointingly small, the Irriducibili one near Termini was better when I went there the previous time.

Waiting for the game we drank some beer at one place, ate at another and went to the stadium. At the golden ball there were a few others - Belgio, Jester, lazioscot are the nicknames I can remember. We went in to the stadium together. The lack of security check surprised a little, as Juzko joked you could have brought in a bazooka ;)

With about 2.5 hours left there were a good number of people in already and with an hour or so left it was nearly full. Some Italian guys had already occupied our seats so we were ”flexible”, as Paolo ‘the magic man’ Ermetico advised, and changed around twice so there was no problem. But there were some people arguing over seats so it was a little bit of a mess.

The most important thing of course was seeing Lazio and the atmosphere, which was magnificent, with flags all over the stadium. As it’s been pointed out already here though, the Sampdoria end looked very nice, the Lazio part just was a lot of flags (small dark blue flags were distributed to everyone).

The game

The Zarate goal was rather unexpected and after the goal I also caught another surprise literally, as I when just started to celebrated someone accidentally knocked my glasses off (they weren’t too tight) so instead of jumping around I spent some time to look for them  and save from crushing. We later had a joke with my friend that I should throw them away intentionally so that we’d score again.

After the Sampdoria equalizer I actually had some bad thoughts we would screw up somehow and for the the last 10 minutes of the game (and most of the extra time) seemed like an eternity because it looked that there is only one more goal in it. The shootout of course was another nail-chewing time. I hated the moment when we had to score or else it would be over. Also had managed to make up a superstition of clapping all the way until the penalty is taken, because we scored when I did that.


This of course is the best of the rest (and hardest to describe) as we celebrated in the stadium for like half an hour or more, and we could see most the ceremony in the scoreboard (although annoyingly they were switching it off from time to time, especially during the game when there was a replay).

As we left the stadium, one guy (forgot the name sorry) I met at the derby last year said “Äfter that 3-2 derby last year I thought it was impossible to had a better game”.   Walking to the tram station was like a déjà-vu of the 3-2 derby with horns, flags and shouts everywhere, except there were no romanisti so it was even better. :bounce:
There was a problem there however since there was no transport remaining, as the game had finished late. Not even the taxis would come so it was decided to walk, while Alessio (Conn) even apologized as if it was his fault. But I think no one cared too much after such a game. In the end Paolo arranged us some guys to pick us up with cars. Our driver was Max (I think) and as the talk came to rivalry he surprised by saying us how happy he would be if there was no rioma :D

At the Bandana bar I remember Paolo asking if we were ok!  ;) And also saying how lucky we are to see this game, and of course it was hell true.  In the bar we’ve had some good drinks, food and chat (though I’m not the most talkative guy to say the least, and I was very tired after such a day). I saw some familiar faces from my previous time, mostly the Swedish guys. We left at something like 03.30 with some still staying, and got back home past 04 am to sleep a couple of hours, because the flight home was in the morning (of Thursday).


Some guys from Sweden were flying with us including Michael (Mad Dog). In Stockholm we said goodbye and that was the basically the end of the Lazio story, although we’ve got home only Friday morning.

Badly tired now but very happy because I’m still thinking how I pulled this off and also how lucky I am to have been to Rome twice and experienced some fantastic moments of joy.  Can’t even think or next games or next season now because it’s great to live with this victory.

A huge thanks to Laziofever team (Paolo, Alessio and anyone else) for making this happen, to Juzko and everyone else for company, sorry if I any things or names wrong, didn’t remember or mixed up someone.

Hope to see you all sometime in the future.  GRAZIE E FORZA LAZIO!  :joker:

Got this cake today as a present. Of course we're only Campioni D'Coppa Italia but who cares  ;)

P.S. Maybe I'll post a video later although there's a lot of those on youtube.


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Re: Coppa Italia 2009: The Fans Story
« Reply #5 on: July 07, 2010, 12:50:49 AM »

Quote from: Forza_Lazio4eva
My name is Wajid (nick Forza_Lazio4eva) I’m from England (Pakistan).

This is my Coppa Italia final story:
(Magnoem, I hope you don't mind. I copied your idea of putting it in sections :) )

Prelude and the trip
As many on here, I waited for the 2nd leg to be over against Juve to book my flights and what not. But a few days before this, I was defintely not going to come. I was meant to have an exam on the 13, but I prayed, and God listened  :cheers:  Hah, my exam got moved to the 8th, w00p. So once we did beat Juve, I was not going to miss this for the world. Contacted a few mates "Sorry mate, got exams", "sorry mate, working". Ugh, had to book it for just the 1 person.

So I left for Leeds to catch my 05:50 coach to London. I missed it thanks to my mate. Got to the main stand for National Express, pulled out another £20 and paid for a 06:50 coach. Got to London around 11, walked around. Got a bite to eat, killed time. Made way to airport. Things were going smoothly, until I got to the gate, where some Police officers stopped me *rolls eyes* Anyway, I have a beard, and they began "interogating" me for about 45 mins, even though I was wearing a Lazio scarf and told them I'm just going to watch a game. But no, they insisted I tell them what my family does, what i was listening to on my iPod and why.. Well, never mind, whatever. Finally they let me through. Got on the plane, read some chapters of Watchmen, into Rome late evening. Into MnJ hostel, and knocked out.

Next morning, woke up around 10, lazed around, went down and started reading some news about the game. Pandev & Foggia seemed to have recovered, yes! Overheard 2 fellars in the front desk saying they came for the game. They were both Laziale! I got talking to them, and one was from Laziofever! Hehe, I believe his name on the forum is Namortsac (?). They were both cool guys, after we got chatting, we decided to find the Original Fans Shop. It was have funing boiling, had to take my jacket off and show my muscles (not!) and finally found it. Looked around, I ended up buying a nice shirt, they just window shopped, hah, sorry guys, just kidding :p. We made way back to the hostel after a while, and I dumped into Nicolas, another Laziale who introduced me to the Swedish Gang, hah, there were loads of them!

Preparing for the game
So around 13:45 I got onto the bus to make way towards Porta Pia. I somehow managed to miss my stop, despite catching that bus everytime I go to Rome, heh. So asked for directions and walked there. Met some of the members there, Namortsac and his friend, Pieter and some others. Paolo gave me my ticket, seeing it made my wee my pants a little, hah, I was so excited. Made way back to Termini, forced some food down and checked some more news on the game, "45,000 Laziale expected", oh Boy!

I was meant to make my way to the meeting point with Swedish Gang i had bumped into. Don't know what happened there, but I couldn't seem to find them after looking for a while. So got back on the bus and managed to miss my spot again, ahah, so walked once more back to Porta Pia. There I saw a few more familiar faces this time around, Juzko, Sascha, Magnoem. Paolo makes a joke about me being a member of the Taliban, hehe. And it seemed everyone there was going in a car and both were full. Luckily, Paolo introduced me to Alex, a journalist from Rome, who agreed to give me a lift.

Alex was a really cool guy! We discussed what he does, how he knows Lotito so well, his passion for british rock music, his time spent in England. I really enjoyed my journey to the stadium with him. But we couldn't find a parking spot, and after driving around we manged to find one pretty far from the stadio. So we were on foot, Alex got some coffee while getting me a coke. We got to some traffic lights outside the stadium, where the Samp fans were being escorted to the stadium by the Police. There were loads of them, and were chanting some smelling as, while the Laziale waited in their cars and bikes. As for me and Alex, we waited on foot, heh. Alex suggested we walk through them :| I was thinking My God, no Alex! It's ok for you, you're wearing a suit, and have a press badge, I'm wearing a Lazio scarf and shirt, I'm in for a beating.  :|  Alex started walking anyway, and I followed, nearly shitting myself in the process. As we walked through them I got some right dirty looks, haha, as if to say "How have funing dare you, if there was no Police around, you would be dead!" Hehe, but at that moment in time, i felt quite a rush, it may not seem like much, but I was high for a while :p.

We go outside the Stadio, and Alex had to leave me as he was in another stand, and gave me directions for where I need to get into the Curva from. Paolo, I want to thankyou for introducing me to this man, he was awesome to be around. Alex gave me his card and told me to email him when I get back, and left. Walking towards to my entrance to the Stadio was an amazing feeling on its own. As i got closer, the chants got louder, and once I actually got inside, the view, even some 2 hours before the game was immense. I found my seat, behind me were the Swedish Gang, so all was well.

As the atmosphere built up, it seemed as though 80% of the stadio was full of Laziale, a wave of blue and white, something I can't describe what it felt like to be part of. As time for the game got closer, my heart start beating faster. Mad Dog arrived with his 8 yr old (!) son, was great to see him after such a while. Later Jester also arrived and took his seat next to me, and it was pretty awesome to meet him once again too.

The Samp choreography was, as mentioned, rather brilliant. I couldn't really make ours out from where i was standing, but i waved my blue flag like there was no tomorrow, and when I saw the pics of it later, it also looked rather impressive.

The game

I had never anticipated the game would start as it did. Another Zarate screamer, it wasn't long until I was hugging people I knew and for that matter I didn't know either, heh. Some dude next to me managed to elbow my head while celebrating, then his way of saying sorry was kissing me and hugging, me, ahaha! Couldn't believe it when Pandev missed that sitter, and we paid for it minutes later. Ugh. From that moment till the 2nd half i had the worst feeling in my stomak.

Thanfully, we upped it a bit in the 2nd, and Samp never really threatened. We made some nice combinations, Brocch and Dabo were immense, Zarate and Cassano always looked dangerous, and got hacked down on more than one occasion. Still, we couldn't find that 2nd goal despite the best efforts of Zarate, Foggia and Rocchi. Extratime came, and I told Jester I really don't want penalties, and he agreed. Some scary moments and extratime was over too. Mad Dog joked we're bound to win with the great penalty takers we have, ahah! Little did he know! :p

Every penalty was a nerve-wrecking moment, but I couldn't bring myself to look away for one. I was actually really surprised about each one, even Rocchi was very unlucky, Ledesma's was the best. Then Nando did the rest! Jumped up and down for about a good 10 mins non stop, hehe.


As mentioned, we stayed in the stadium for another hour or so celebrating this unique victory. It was great to see the players wearing those shirts and running towards the curva before they even got their hands on the trophy. A few players standing around Dabo as he took a penalty and scoring past Foggia in front of us, haha, with the crowd cheering "ole!". Diakhite showing off his muscles waving that huge flag, :p. We watched as the Samp players got their runner up medals on the big screen. Then our time had come! Thanfully they began to show it in the big screen again. Was really awesome. Everytime they took the camera to Delio's face, the crowd began to cheer and applaud, you can tell he was moved, I'm really very happy for him, you can see it meant so much to him. Then Rocchi and Ledesma lifted the Cup, and it was time to go crazy again!

The players ran with the trophy towards the Curva as the Lazio anthems started to be played and everyone seemed to still be in full voice. Amazing experience! Even Lotito paraded the trophy around the stadium! He took it to the section on our right and some lucky Laziale managed to kiss it! We were wondering if he would take it in front of the Curva, and he suprised me by doing so. Anyway, a few more chants, and we left the stadium.

Magnoem has explained what happened here, so I won't dwell into that. But there were more chants outside the stadium, saw some absolutely awesome banner, some people work on them real quick, ahum. Got to Bandana pub, and Paolo was awsome as always, and told the kind lady to make sure my food was halaal and strictly vegetarian, cheers Paolo.


Stuffed it down, said goodbye to some of the guys and made way back to the hostel with Namortsac and his freind. We were totally exhausted, and they decided to hit the sack. My flight left for England at 10:10 so I had to leave the hostel around half 7. The time was around 4am and I knew if i slept I wouldnt be waking up, haha, so I decided to stay awake and  entertain myself by telling the guy at the desk what it felt like to be a Laziale and what it was like watching the game, hehe. Then I got  my coach to the airport, got on the plane, took a coach to London Victoria and then Leeds.

It was certainly a experience of a lifetime. I have been through some awesome times at the Stadio, what with Behrami scoring a last min winner against Merda, but this was totally unique and totally tops everything I have experienced with Lazio. I wouldn't change anything, the penalty shootout, as it was played, made it worth the wait and as many times as i nearly had a heart attack, it was still worth it!

Paolo, Alessio, the Swedish Gang, Alex, everyone else who was there, and above all Lazio... Thankyou for the best moment of my life so far. Thankyou from the bottom of my heart.


PS: Guys, I'm really sorry, no pics from me.. I left my digital camera at home and my phone camera isn't working! Since apologies!


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Re: Coppa Italia 2009: The Fans Story
« Reply #6 on: July 07, 2010, 12:51:39 AM »

Quote from: lazialejakarta


This is our Coppa Italia final story :

We are lived in Indonesia, which is thousand miles away from Olimpico, Roma. But it can’t killed our spirit for supporting LAZIO into FINAL COPPA ITALY against sampdoria. After Lazio ensure themselves into the final round against Sampdoria, we (Lazio Indonesia) had a planned to hold Big Event (watch the match together at Big Screen with all Laziale Indonesia) in our Café (2C CAFÉ at Jakarta) . Therefore we distribute or campaign through print media such as sport newspaper, sport magazine or website/facebook/forum Lazio Indonesia. One of the campaign we have created :

Wednesday May 13, 09
10.00 PM (4 Hours before kick off at 02.00 AM Indonesian time)

Then came along our friend from all around Indonesia such as Banten City, Bekasi City, Depok City, Bogor City, Bandung City and Jakarta itself..While we waited for kick off, we watched the video playback of Lazio’s Classic match  to raised our Non Mollare Mai spirit before watching the final

Thursday May 14, 09
02.00 AM (Kick Off)

Kick off is started, and we all watchin the match in a high tension feel..
We also sing “NON MOLLARE MAI” to reduce the tension and increase our passion although we are confidently know that our voice will not heard by Pandev and friends, but we certainly sure that our spirit can be perceived by them

02.05 AM (Zarate’s goal)

GOALLLLLLLLLLLL……..We jump and shout “FORZA LAZIO..!! AVE AVE MAUROOOO….” We are really confident that we can surely win this match. Suddenly, we were remembering with last deby which Lazio scored quick goal and slaughter the Merda..

But suddenly we realized that this is not an easy game..

02.31 AM (pazzini’s goal)

OH NOOOOOOOO…..Pazzini scoring..and suddenly our heart feel stop beating..We are a lil bit disappointed with that goal..But we didn’t give up so easy like that...We should be confident this is our time to see Lazio lifted up the Italian Cup Trophy.

04.30 AM (penalty shoot-out)

After screamingly 90 minutes + Extra time, then the penalty shoot-out moment is coming. The moment we were not hoping to happen. But when the first penalty-taker (Cassano) is rejected by Muslera, We are surely confident that the Coppa Italy is ours. But the disaster is coming again when rocchi was failed to scored Samp’ goalkeeper..What a dramatic night, I feel so creepy at that time…

Finally, the best moment is coming when Muslera successfully kill the best chance of Hugo Campagnaro..(fiuhhh *sigh)

After that, Dabo scoringggggg and goalllllllllllllll…..WE ARE THE CHAMPION OF ITALIAN CUP 2009…we all shouted loudly “FORZA LAZIO..FORZA MUSLERA..FORZA ..DABOO..” We do not stop yelling, and some of us looked like very sentimental then crying..We all sing CAMPEONEE..CAMPEONEEE..OLE..OLE…OLEE…we sing over and over and over again while we see the players received the trophies of Italian Cup

05.00 AM (get back home)

Finally, after the toughest night ever..we returned to our own house..even the rain still pouring down during our own way home but we still keep smiling and fascinating..It was like a dream, and we hope this is a beginning the new era of Lazio..We are ready to welcome a better season in the future..

This is a report from our country, and if there any of you had a planned to visit Southest Asian don’t forget to come into our small country..We assurance you all will have the good time here and welcoming you with our best..

Credited to All Laziale Indonesia which is participated in this event match..

Terima kasih (thanks/grazie in Indonesian Language)


On behalf to


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Re: Coppa Italia 2009: The Fans Story
« Reply #7 on: July 07, 2010, 12:53:19 AM »

Quote from: Lazioscot
Where do we start after such a fantastic evening?

We come to Rome every year on holiday always at a time when Lazio are at home but we have never experienced anything like that match before. The atmosphere was amazing and the penalty shoot-out was just incredible. Morag was doubly happy because she said she lost about half a stone in weight with all the worry :D I think every Lazio fan in the stadium felt like they had been through a ringer by the end of the match but the singing and celebrations at the end were just unforgetable!

I could go on about the game all day but won't. What was equally important on the night was sharing these experiences with fellow laziali and making new friends. That's what made it such a fantastic night. Before when Morag and I went to see Lazio we did not really know anybody so we missed out on the normal things like talking about the game or the club in general. Alessio, Paolo, Michael and their fellow collaborators have done an amazing job with Laziofever bringing together tifosi from all over the world into one community. (By the way, we thought our flag was great).

I'm sorry I don't have any photographs to share with you. At my age, the joys of digital technology have passed me by. I don't think Peter and Marie Ann will ever get over the sight of my antiquated camera!!

Thanks Alessio, it was great meeting you, Andrea and Daniele and double thanks for making our arrangements before and after the game. Thanks Paolo, for all of your hard work and for your patience at the ground with us (you will know what I mean!) Boy, was I in a panic!!   

Grazie mille grazie for giving us the opportunity for being at one of the greatest evenings in our club's history!

Billy and Morag

Quote from: Irriducibile28
Ciao tutti!

My name is Alessandro and I was there....  I was in Olimpico this magic evening with my fiancee Sara and our son Enzo, 5 years.  I don't really know where to begin. But first of all I can tell you that I have seen Lazio 9 times, the first time in -93. I have seen Lazio played in Uefa cup, Champions league, Serie A, the derby against romamerda and different friendly games. But the thing is that of all these times they have only won 1 time!?! And that time was in Napoli -01 when we won 4-2. I couldn't celebrate one single goal, because if I did I would'nt be alive today :-/ So you see, I don't bring luck with me :-) I have always been very sad about this. To not be able to scream out your joy and celebrate a victory like you should....

Anyway, five years ago it was a very important year for me. Lazio won the cup after some hard years after the scudetto and my son Enzo was born, Laziale si nasce :-) I promised myself to bring him to Roma when he was old enough to enjoy this. And I haven't seen Lazio since he was born but we always follows the games on Tv and Enzo LOVES Lazio :-) I have dreamed of bringing him to Olimpico so he could see our Lazio play.  But as I mentioned before I was prepared for the worst.....

But.... this turned out to be the best night ever for us! I could not even dream of something like this....  I don't think I need to mention the game so much because we all know what happen. It was all so emotional and I really don't think I will ever experience something like this again.( ok, maybe lo scudetto) To be able to just explode after Zarates goal with the rest of all Laziali in Olimpico is just to hard to describe. And when Muslera saves cassanos penalty. This is just more than you ever can ever dream of!

I had to wait 31 long years to experence something like this and my son only 5, but I am really happy about this :-) He almost lost his voice after screaming so much during the game.... He went to bed ca 02.00 after beeing at Piazza del Popolo watching fireworks and singing Forza Lazio Alé.... He was pretty tired:-)

We have to say THANK YOU to Paolo and Alessio! Without you we couldn't have been there this evening since it was really difficult this time with... well, you know :-)

Enzo was so happy about you helping us to be there so he named one of his roman soldiers (the centurion) Paolo :-)

Grazie ragazzi! A la prossima! // Alessandro "Irriducibile28"



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Re: Coppa Italia 2009: The Fans Story
« Reply #8 on: July 07, 2010, 12:54:11 AM »

Quote from: William-85
First of all here is where to find all my videos from the final.There is 23 of them but they are short as i didnt have the patience to keep my camera going.

I arrived in Rome on tuesday night ticketless because an idiot called pete from let me down on a ticket which I had already paid for.Anyway roll on wednesday morning 10.30am,outside stadio olimpico.Within twenty minutes I had a black market ticket,curva nord ticket @100 euro.many thanks to Ermetico & Conn for pointing me in the right direction,otherwise I would have travelled to Rome for nothing.

6.30pm outside the stadio I got asked for I.D. my ticket didnt have my name name on it!!!I told the man I had none and didnt know it was needed,then he asked me my name!Lucky I remembered what name was on the ticket.He knew right well it wasnt my name but smiled and waved me in anyway.

Curva Nord,my first time(previously been in distinti ovest and tribuna tevere)and certainly not the last!two hours before kick off and it was already busy.Got talking to a group of people who were amazed that i'd come from Belfast for this.Only a few of them could speak english but it didnt matter,anyway one of them asked me if I wanted to meet one of the IRRIDUCIBILI leaders?My heart started going nuts, this was unbelievable.He took me down to the front of the nord where I was introduced.The man in question looked at me,said something,shook my hand and put a scarf around my neck(a scarf which is now my most prized possesion).This was like a dream come true!!!I got so friendly with the group I was standing with that they even bought me some beer.

Where I had previously been everyone stands but in curva nord we stood on are seats.4 minutes in to the game and zarate scores,everyone goes mental,falling on each other,hugging each other,picking each other up.I was at the derby back in april and thoght it couldnt get much better,this exceeded that by far.

Dont know what else to say,extra time was very stessful,too much pressure from sampdoria and then the penaltys,hate them.Need I say anymore?COPPA ITALIA CHAMPIONS 09!!!Good things can only come from this!!!



Yours Truly


ALSO,i got myself one of the t-shirts our players were wearing after the match,can anyone tell me what it translates as?im not sure.hope you enjoy the vids


Quote from: Namortsac
10 minutes after the final whistel of the second semifinal against juve I called my laziale-friend Olle and we decided to go to Rome and see the final. We booked the flight 20 minutes later. We live in south Sweden but choose the strange way to go to Stockholm by bus for taking the plane.

We had bought some swedish brand vodka (Absolute) for Paolo and Alessio and I can say it was very close that the costums grabbed them because all the little bottles didn't fit in the plasticbag that is suppose to contain all liquid. So I put the remaning bottles on me and walked through the "beep thing" and thank God the thing stayed quiet.

On the plane I ended up sitting next to a nice laziale and his son who also were going to Rome to visit family and of course the game. The little kid thought Zarate and Pandev would score, wich wasn't far away from happening :cheers:

We arrived to out hostel in Rome by 11 on the morning of the match day. This was the same hostel that many other from Laziofever and Svenskafans used. We instantly met with Wajid, a great guy from England who had travelled alone to Rome. Read his story above. The staff of the hostel were really nice. Especially Mario. But if I'm going to stay there again we will not include breakfast because the breakfast who was included was barely eatable.

Anyways, we dropped of our luggage and went to Lazio Point with Wajid and saw the legendary Enza! At two o'clock we went to Porta Pia to hook up the tickets and deliver the vodka to Paolo and Alessio. Paolo, i hope you didn't it all by yourself! :D

After the ticket collecting we went back to the hostel and took a nap. Rahman and Cash (the mobilephone-dropper-in-the-toilet :tongue: ) showed up and we shared the 10 man room together. By 5 o'clock we started moving towards Olimpico but first we stopped by Lazio Style and hook up an "io ci sono" shirt. Real nice stuff! Just to see Olimpico for me, the first time in 1,5 year and Olle 8 years gave us goosebumps. We talked but the feeling walking up the stairs of olimpico to enter the pot wich we would do 5 minutes later. It's a unsurpassed feeling. The adrenaline was pumping up over the ears :cheers:

We just grabbed some seats next to some SvenskaFans people and started to absorbe all the impressions. To see Olimpico slowly get full was terrific. Then happend the only bad thing except the Pazzini gol. A fat lady in a Tare shirt (:o haha wtf?) with her daughter arrived 15 minutes before kick of and started arguing in a real unpleasent way that our seats were her's. There is nothing to do with the italian ladys :D  so we moved gently and stayed in the stairs for rest of the evening. Nothing wrong with that.

The match was... i don't know how to say it... more than more than amazing... You have to be there by yourself to understand. As they say, a picture says more than thousand words. Then you could describe this 120 minutes + penalties game with infinite words. I didn't bring the camera to the game though I thought I would probably regret it. And damn yes I regret it now. I just managed those picture in the bottom by my mobilephone camera wich isn't good but better then nothing.

After the game we all were confused how to get to The Bandana Pub for the dinner. But Alessio did guide us and Paolo and others showed up in cars to drive us.

The dinner was around 2 in the night I think. Anyways we were really tired and scipped the primo piatto and went home to get some sleep because we would take the plane early next day.

This was my first game together with Laziofever. I hope it's the beginning of a new era!

P.S. If cash or rahman wonder we did manage to get home safely! :D

The feeling you get when entering the stadium here is priceless


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Re: Coppa Italia 2009: The Fans Story
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Quote from: Cash
Here comes my story, as promised. It is a lot longer than I had planned, and still I feel I didnt get everything i wanted into it. Read if you want to, skip it if you are in a hurry. To me it is interesting to get some thoughts down on "paper", even though it doesnt even get close to the real experience.

Coppa Italia Final 13 May 2009 - Through the Eyes, Ears and the Heart of Cash (and friends):

Hope My Boss doesn’t Read This

Being a teacher, it is always hard to get off mid-week. But this time I had to come up with something, nothing in the world could make me miss this one!
I booked my tickets just after the second Juve game, and then I started to think about how I should pulled this through. What to tell my boss, and my students? The end of the semester means the final exams, and it is a tough time getting an ok from the boss to leave the place for a few days – and to do what? Watch Lazio? That sounds nothing but stupid in the ears of the anglophile Swedes that are brought up with English football.
I needed to lie. No doubt. And I figured the best way was to tell my students to not come to school Wednesday and Thursday, and to tell my boss that I was going to visit the City Centre and catch a few museums with my students. Luckily, I have a good relationship to my students and I told the most influential ones that I was leaving for Rome (they all totally understood my situation, plus they loved getting a mini-break!!!) and I promised them a treat (a bottle of limoncello for their graduation) if they managed to keep the other pupils in my classes away from school those two days.

How to Get There? Where to Stay?

Got a text from a fellow Lazio-supporters in Stockholm telling me he and his friend were going to the game. I hooked up with Nesta_Jr and all of a sudden there were four of us leaving together. Next question: How to get there? We need to leave very early since the departure was at 7. I decided to drive, despite being very tired during mornings and never wanting to drive at that hour. We gathered outside my place at 5 in the morning, and headed to the airport. No one really knew the other, but soon we realised that we had all met each other previously – back during a derby that we all watched in a pub downtown Stockholm.

This is Lazio. It brings people together.

While driving I realised I hadn’t slept very much during the night (I got an hour or so…) but I was very energetic despite this, so as soon as we came to the airport we hit the bar and had a few pints, all getting started for what was to come.

The flight went more than well, the two friends had booked Priority Tickets, meaning they boarded the Ryanair flight earlier then the rest of the passengers – only to secure some seats with extra leg space for me and Nesta (Grazie!). A couple of dodgy bag-spirits later we all fell asleep, and didn’t wake up until we heard that Olimpico could be seen outside the window.
(Here I need to correct myself. The three of us slept. Nesta is having a massive exam on Wednesday and he needed to study for this. The function of the skin, our eyes, our nervous system, our ear..etc etc was what was on his mind during parts of the trip. Hahaha, hilarious, he actually though he would get some studies done during our time in Rome…)

Once we landed, I was reminded of the fact that I hadn’t booked any hotel or hostel. The massive stress during the weeks leading up to the game had made me just push the booking forward, leading to never. When I aired my concern, Nesta was quick to assure that he had sorted a place out for us. A hostel with some 20 other Swedish Laziali. Grande.
We parted from our friends after reaching Termini, they had booked a hotel closer to Coliseum, and decided on a time to meet. Now we needed food. We were tired, but steaming because of the game. Soon we were to see our beloved Lazio again!

The Toilet…and More Lazio Friends

I had brought my friend’s mobile phone because he has such a great camera on it, which would mean that I didn’t need to bring a camera and a phone with me. Stupid. The very first thing that happened when we entered the hostel (with a fairly strange looking guy in charge of the bed-booking assuring that we were to share room with at least two other Laziali, turning out to be Namortsac and his friend) was that I needed to change clothes (coming down Rome meant some extra 15 degrees to enjoy compared to Stockholm). I thought I would use the toilet to make a quick change – but how I came to regret that. The only reason I have no video or picture to show you is because I heard something hit the bottom of the toilet – my (friend’s) mobile phone was drowning!!!

Usually, the phone incident would have made me angry, but I didn’t care this time. There were much larger thing coming up in about eight hours…

Me and Nesta took a short walk through the City Centre, before finally deciding on a lunch place. Some truly great pasta was accompanied by a nice stew and washed down with a nice glass of Peroni. The lunch was great, and both of us realised how much we needed the food to regain some energy. Now was the time to meet the other two friends again, and to walk to Porta Pia to get the golden tickets! Before leaving for Paolo and friends, we took a quick look inside the store at Via Farini,
Porta Pia went smoothly, we had a few bears, got the tickets and a few encouraging words from Paolo. Together with a massive bunch of other Laziali from mainly Sweden, but also elsewhere, we could feel the tension building up. We were all standing there watching our tickets, and dreaming about a final that would end with victory.

The four of us went to a restaurant where I had a drink, while the two other friends from Stockholm had their lunch. Discussions around the starting eleven, what Rossi should do if we won, or if we lost, Lotito (pezzo di merda), players and the upcoming game was mixed with funny conversations with non-English speaking waitresses and a hilarious African dude trying to sell us some watches. After this, a walk back to the hostel, and we planned to all meet again at 5.30 to catch the bus and first visit the shop at Via Calderini, and then enter Olimpico and feel the atmosphere well before kick-off.
A quick nap at the hostel, then encountering some 10-15 other Laziali from Sweden, a fast stop at a café for a doppio and off we went. Soon we would find ourselves in lo stadio!

The Game

I don’t really remember very much of the game, or, I do, but it all comes back to me bit by bit. I didn’t feel very good. I had had quite a few Boccheti (or whatever they are called) together with some Peroni, but the reason to my discontent was not the alcohol but rather the strange feeling I had that we would not win. Everything had been so nice and smooth so far, I felt something had to go wrong.
The most beautiful thing when visiting Olimpico is the Curva. How I love to stand amongst fellow supporters, singing, screaming, shouting and jumping. Or crying. Whatever is taking place, you know that you have people around you that feel the same. The mix of people is amazing. Men, women, young, old, Italian or from other places around the globe – we all share the same passion at that very moment. Beautiful.

Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!! (Cassano on the big screen).

Mauroooo Zarateeee, Maurooo Zarateeee, Mauro Zarateeee, Mauro Zarateeee…1-0! Great start!

Per Gabriele, Giustizia Per Gabriele! This was a game for the whole concept. Lazio, the players, the fans, Rossi, Gabbo, Laziofever…maybe even Lotito.

Merda. 1-1. Doria, Doria, Vaffancuolo!

Half Time. Suffer. We always have to suffer. It is never easy being a laziale. We never pull through a simple 3-0 victory. Oh no. Let us suffer together.

We did. We suffered through a second half that should have seen us win. We saw a disastrous Rosetti letting the Doria players do whatever they wanted with Maurito and Foggia all through the game, denying us penalties and even neglecting the fact that Rossi went berserk in the middle of the field. We saw a Lazio that owned the game, the ball, but as a supporter the only dangerous moments were of course when they had the ball. When they attacked. 

Extra Time. At this moment I was dying. Couldn’t stand it. At least another 30 minutes of suffering. When Kolarov saved our ass off the goal line I was already dead. The whole arena was sharing this suffering. Did it have to go to penalties???

Of Course.

I only saw one of the penalties. I saw Muslera save the first one. The rest of the penalties I enjoyed through the expression and reaction of the people standing above me. I turned upwards, downwards, any direction which made me avoid the drama at the other end of the field. My nerves couldn’t take it.

I saw De Silvestri shake his head. He didn’t want to take a decisive penalty. I understand him.
I saw Forrest Gump running to shoot his penalty. Thought I was going to smelling as myself. He took it nicely, I have seen now afterwards.

When Dabo found the back of the net, the happiness had no limits. I found myself down in row 25, starting my celebration up on row 50. The young lad standing next to me was screaming something in Italian in my ear. I wasn’t even bothered to explain that I didn’t understand him. Because I did. Happiness has no language. Joy has no borders. We had won.

ZERO TITOLI!!!!!!!!!!
We sang. Song after song. The happiness never ended. We stayed in the Stadio for a long time, and I remember feeling a bit sorry for the Doria fans since they also had to wait in the stadium, only to see us celebrate. But have fun it! Tonight was our night!

The strangest event of the game? When Lotito took the trophy and gathered just below the Curva. He is a strange man this Lotito. But now he can at least say that he has given us a trophy. At least, he has been a part of it.
I hate Lotito. But even this man was a friend of mine this night. I had no room for hate. Not now.

The End

We left the arena, only to find out that no busses nor taxis were to be found. The original four of us decided to take a walk, and we were so happy that we didn’t really care about the fact that we had a very long way to go before reaching our hostel/hotel. Attending the dinner seemed impossible; we wouldn’t reach the place until very late. We stopped for some “pizza”, and some drinks, and continued our walk. My feet were hurting badly, and so did the rest of the guys’, but we just didn’t care! Larger things had taken place that evening!

Eventually we caught a cab, with a crazy Napoletano as driver. After a few minutes I realised that this could be the last time I ever sat in a car; the driver did probably not have a license since he passed every red light as if he was the king of the road. And not only that, he was eating crisps straight from a Pringles “tube”, forgetting to keep his eyes on the road. Add to that his speed – over 100km/h – and you should understand my concern. But who cared? I was already in heaven, and I am not sure that I could feel better than I felt after the game, no matter what happens after the life on this planet.
Me and Nesta jumped out close to Termini, and I could nothing but hope to see the other two friends the next morning.

When we entered the hostel, I was sure that we were still sharing room with Namortsac and his friend, so I opened the door while singing Non Mollare Mai, only to find a Chinese girl looking at me wondering what I was up to. After all it was in the middle of the night and, believe it or not, there were people visiting Rome that were not interested in the game…
A few moments later I found myself accompanied by Mr Sandman, I passed out.

A few hours later, the Chinese girl woke me up by slapping herself in the face (and I wasn’t dreaming, Nesta heard the same sound…and don’t ask me why she was doing that). I decided to get up, had a quick chat with Namortsac and the other friends, changed and ran down to have some Espresso and Croissant before catching the bus (I am sure my breakfast was better than the one they served in the hostel…and cheaper too!).

The rest of the stay in Rome took place in the airport, where we all spent time reading the Italian newspapers (never mind the fact that I don’t know Italian very well, there were enough pictures to make me understand the evening before had not been a dream). I met Mad Dog and his son (lucky boy, having a father bringing him to such amazing games…) and spoke a bit about the game and about how we should find a spot to gather and watch games in the future (all Laziali in the Stockholm area, keep your eyes open for a thread on this issue). I saw Nesta loading himself with caffeine, and my other friends spending their last euros on different sandwiches. Once again we got extra leg space thanks to the friends’ priority tickets, and just before I fell asleep on the plane I could see Nesta struggling to keep his eyes open and get through the book on human Physiology. Two seconds later he had fallen asleep, and I assured myself that it had been worth the visit to Rome, despite me having to leave work, and despite Nesta not getting enough time to revise for his massive exam, and despite the two other friends having to leave their business behind for a couple of days.

On our way home, we were all happy and satisfied, and more than pleased that we had taken this 24 hour visit to our beloved Lazio. I wondered how Namortsac and his friend got home (they hadn’t booked any train or bus ticket, and it was all booked so they didn’t know how to get to Denmark…sorry…southern Sweden), at the same time as I once again stated to myself how much LAZIO means to me.

To all of us!
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