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Author Topic: Lazio in Beijing : Supercoppa 2009  (Read 4283 times)


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Re: Lazio in Beijing : Supercoppa 2009
« Reply #10 on: July 07, 2010, 01:18:15 AM »

LazioFever action!

"A part of the ultimate dream coming true"

Meeting in person the players who always make you go wild when they scored a goal for your favourit club, it's an experience which mostly only the happy few can enjoy.
On sunday the 4th of august, a dream became reality for 16 Chinese superfans of SS Lazio who had the opportunity to meet with the Italian-olympic team players Lorenzo De Silvestri and Tommaso Rocchi. Laziofever, the organization for foreign Lazio fans around the world, set up a meeting in Qinhuangdao, a city in the Hibei region. The Chinese connection of, the ultimate Lazio supporting group in China, sent out approximately 16 fans to represent their community.

It has been a fantastic experience for the people of the country that organizes this year - heavily contested - olympics.
Happiness was written on the faces of the young boys and girls who have without any doubt blue/white blood running through their vains.
Also the stars themselves enjoyed this moment, as even in the other timezones they seem to be idolized by many. is not just a website. The group contains a huge fanbase of 22.000 members, while the total number of Chinese Lazio supporters is estimated at 100.000.
They all share the same dream: to experience 'LazialitÓ' (the Lazio feeling) in its purest form, meaning to attend a game in the holy ground of the Olimpic stadium in Rome.
This fantastic meeting with two of their gods made this dream already come a little bit closer.

By Belgio, Laziofever Team.

SS Lazio
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