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Author Topic: Laziofever Greetings to S.S. Lazio  (Read 2661 times)


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Laziofever Greetings to S.S. Lazio
« on: July 16, 2010, 10:41:18 PM »

Christmas Greetings to S.S. Lazio

As a part of Laziofever's ongoing connection with Lazio, our aim is always to bring the fans closer to la Societa'. As part of this, we created a Christmas message to all the players and staff at S.S. Lazio. A poster was designed and made with the skill of our members with messages in many languages representing all our countries.

Our unity was displayed as a Christmas Tree containing all the flags of our member's countries to remind that we are a community shared by fans all over the world.

Our poster which was displayed in Formello:

Foggia receiving our greetings



De Silvestri

Topic performed by Giolazio LFTeam
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Re: Laziofever Greetings to S.S. Lazio
« Reply #1 on: July 16, 2010, 10:57:47 PM »

Some comments from Laziofever:

Quote from: Jofo
Bravo, great idea. I'm wishing Merry Christmas to you all. Just remember that the Orthodox Christmas is in 7 January and that will include all eastern countries like Russia, Ukraine, Serbia, Macedonia, Monte negro, Croatia, Greece, Bulgaria......(If I forgot someone I sorry) so don't forget to congrats us then.

Have a nice holidays. 

Quote from: usampa
Hehehee ,  very touching....

Nice job , once again Erme

Quote from: Javier erfi Lopez
nice job again erme, & thank u for puting iran flag in it :cheers:
no zarate kid?

Quote from: Belgio
Bravo Paoletto!!

Quote from: Trequartista
great work paolo!

Quote from: Giolazio
Thanks again Paolo for offerring us that link to the players we would never have without you!

Quote from: Mark
awesome, great work Paolo, beautifull.

Quote from: Ermetico
I am sorry if i miss some flags.
But the message i gave to Lazio is from EVERYWHERE!

In any case ....

Thanks  to All!

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