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Author Topic: Derby December 6 2009 The Story Board  (Read 2240 times)


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Derby December 6 2009 The Story Board
« on: July 27, 2010, 11:01:47 PM »

December 6th 2009 - Stadio Olimpico, Rome

It was time for a new derbymeeting after a period of bad games from la Lazio. The expectations were low on the team but as always Curva Nord and Lazioland stood up and created a massive display.
Around 50 members attended and did so with great style. We want to give a special thanks to those who attended the amazing dinner when the new Lazioland flag was displayed for the first time!


The players played a good game but Julio Sergio in Roma made some amazing saves and Cassetti was able to put in a winner for Roma.

Roma Lazio 1-0 Il FILM SKY HD 15a Giornata 06-12-09 Derby

Here are some storys from our members:

Quote from: Laziale 86
OK, here is my derby story:
My girlfriend and I arrived on friday 11am. We took the train from the airport to Termini. From Termini we walked to the Contilia hotel, 2 minutes walking. The hotel was ok. Nothing more, nothing less.
In the afternoon we get our tickets. Normally I take the metro to Popolo, from there the tram to Mancini. But due the trafficwork at Popolo, we took the bus. Arrived at the Lazio Style Store, I asked for the Laziofever tickets. The man at the desk didn't understood the 'Laziofever'. After a few times asking, a colleague helped us. She nows about the list, and we could get our tickets  :cheers: . The rest of the day we spend some time in the center: Spagna, Trevi, Pantheon, Navona,...

Saturday whe went to the Trastevere neighborhood (Roma neighborhood) with our Lazioscarfs  :sciarpa1:  . We went to the Spanish embassy. There you have a nice view over the city, and you see the Stadio Olimpico. In the afternoon I get sick, stomachproblems. In the evening we had our derbydinner at the Rosso Pomodoro restaurant. Stomachproblems and dinner, not the perfect combination. But we decided to go, because we looked out so much to this meeting. Arriving at Porta Pia we met the other members. Around 20 were present! Ermetico shows the new Laziolandflag, nearly the same as the flag of English Eagle: beautiful flags!  :standcn12: Someone can post the foto's? After the starter I decided to stop eating. Unfortunately i couldn't eat more. The dinner looks great (Pizza, penne,...). After the dinner, most of the group went something to drink in the winebar. I went to the hotel to rest. That was my intension. But that night I made knowledge with the Italian toilet  :oops: I through up for around 20 times. I was scared to miss the derby. My girlfriend made the right decision to call the doctor, and after 2 injections it was better, I finally felt in sleep around 6 o'clock in the morning.
I stay the whole day in bed.

17h15 I was doubted to go to de derby or not. But i't was to strong. I had to go! Sick our not. Supporting our team. So at 18h00 we take bus 910 from Temini to Mancini. A bus full of romanisti  :oops: At 18h35, we arrived at the stadium, where Paolo was waiting for the members at the stadiumport. We went inside. It was a fantastic atmosphere! Great Curva Nord, chanting all the time! During the game there were riots on the Tevere (as usual), and the police was too lazy to came between (also as usal). During the game I was felling better and better and we all support Lazio! Unfortunately we lost, but the Curva Nord won!

After the game we left the Olimpico together with Martin (English Eagle) and his wife Deborah. We take the bridge: Ponte Milvio, for saftey reasons. From there we went To Mancini to take the bus back to Termini. Again a bus full of romanisti. The busdriver didn't now the way back to Termini. He needed a map! He would be a romanista  ;) ? He needed even help of Martin, to drive the bus backwards, when he was driven wrong. Martin went out the bus and stopped the traffic. The lazy roman police could learn something from him  :cheers:. After a trip from 40min! we reached the hotel.

It was a fantastic evening, excepted the result!  :band01:

Quote from: psyko
Yeah We lose but I think lazio deserve 1 punti . I have a great time in Rome. But im Really tired now. 

Thanks Paolo for everything  you do for us. I love it...
See you in april boys and girls...Great people !!!


Quote from: Conn
Once again, it was very nice to meet the Laziofever crew. The "oldies", which I now proudly belong too, and the "newbies". The bad thing is that time flies so fast that there is not even time for a proper goodbye... but what the hell, we all know that the next derby is not too far away anyway!

It's always great stuff to see many people's passion fly over thousands of kilometers and stand up at Olimpico together. I saw that feeling of "surprise" from many Italians fans standing near us. A few of them were talking "so many new faces today... looking at the Laziofever group" and another one replied "they are the Lazio fans from abroad, it was in the newspaper yesterday..."
That always makes me think that it would be so cool if everyone of you could bring and wave is country flag :)

(more about flag waving later LOL)

The "away" derby is always the toughest, but also the best one. Winning the "support match" when outnumbered is priceless, although we kind of got used to that. The result of the pitch was disappointing, but believe me, none of the (this time few) Laziali that filled Curva Nord and Distinti was there to celebrate a victory.
We were there to show that we hold to our motto "c'eravamo, ci siamo e ci saremo" , no matter what happens, no matter the smelling as lotito has got us into.

The flag. Pity nobody has posted a picture yet... A flag as beautiful as heavy LOL. Jokes apart, the flag proudly waved at Olimpico. It even waved too much, according to a true idiot that was standing two rows behind us. After the final whistle, he shouted at me "put down your have fun!ing flag" (he wanted to see the romanisti celebrating, i guess). I replied "have funoff to the tribuna next time" and a small clash started... but no-one got hurt since, unfortunately, we were divided immediately by other people :D (that was my biggest regret from that evening LOL)

A big thank to Paolo for all the organization!

It's always a pleasure and see you at the next derby!

Quote from: William-85
Here it goes ......

I arrived at noon on Saturday,checked into my hotel,then straight to Via Calderini for my ticket.A few hours later I met up with Drake1900 & his mates for a few drinks,Terry also.

Later at the dinner,it was a great night.Was good to meet all of you,really enjoyed myself.After dinner we headed to a wine bar and then to the Bandana.Was a great night indeed!!!

I got up on sunday afternoon with a bloody headache which didnt go away until a couple of hours before kick-off.I bump into Agent Orange and Psyko around two or three and head to Porta Pia for a few beers.A few others arrived shortly after.There was a fruit machine so I thought i'd stick a Euro in.No joy.Psyko puts one Euro in and takes out 100.You lucky bastard,hope you spent that money well my friend.

At the Olimpico,was nervous but feeling good at the same time.Theres nothing like that feeling when your there.Was proud to be there.I enjoyed the game(except the scoreline),it was good to see the players put in some effort.After the game we continued to sing,loud and proud!!!The players came up to the Curva and threw there shirts in.My arms were covered in goosebumps.I've never been so proud to be a Laziale.Forza.

Outside the Stadio Lazio fans burnt a merda car.I went over to get a picture,turned around and I couldnt find any of the lads I was with.My own fault for walking off.I looked around for a bit but couldnt find anyone.So I headed to Termini,got myself something to eat then went to Porta Pia and Bandana but nobody was there.Decided to get some sleep.

Monday morning I bump into Agent Orange and Psyko who are concerned,asking if im ok.Everyone thought I got arrested outside the Stadio.Thanks to everyone for your concern and I also apologise for having you worry as to my where abouts on sunday evening.I was annoyed at myself for straying off. :oops:

Spent Monday afternoon with some gents whose names I cant remember :scratch: sorry about that.I remember Michael,Mad dog i think his nickname is,met up with him a little later.It was another good day.

Now ..... Pictures!!!

I cant help myself on the plane.

This is the best picture I got of the flag.Sorry.

Not only have we got the greatest supporters,we have some of the finest looking women amongst us.

A little camera trickery.

I think this is my best picture.

The trouble.

The inferno!!!

Thank you Paulo for organizing this!!!
Thanks to everyone who was there.Was good to meet all of you.Hope to see you again soon.
Grande Laziale
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Re: Derby December 6 2009 The Story Board
« Reply #1 on: July 27, 2010, 11:04:30 PM »

Quote from: english eagle
Ok guys here goes our take on the Derby meeting. First of all i couldn`t start without saying a huge thank you to Paolo for his organisation and commitment , without which none of this would be possible .
We arrived on the saturday morning glad to be out in the beautiful Italian sunshine after 4 weeks of illness and quckly checked into our hotel and after the compulsary visit to Enza`s shop went to the Olympico and collected our tickets.
A quick sleep in the afternoon and it was time to meet our band of brothers for the dinner meet , it was so good to see so many there and to meet friends old and new . Your passion . loyalty and devotion to La Lazio never ceases to amaze me and you should take a bow for your commitment.
On sunday after Debbies twice yearly shopping trip it was time to make our way to the match , boarding the bus full of romanisti we felt totally isolated but once outside the curva the adrenaline kicked in and it was time to pay homage to our beloved Lazio.
Before the match the curva nord put up a magnificent display against the roma hoards at at kick-off this seemed to inspire the players to respond and take the game to the merda.
Unfortunately it also caused unrest in Tevere resulting in fighting which caused the game to be halted for 14 minutes and 7 fans were arrested and bizzarely , one steward !
Lazio were the better side in the first half with most of the possesion but with only one man up front clear chances were few and far between . My man of the match Diakite was a rock , Zarate worked hard up front and Stephan Lichsteiner was raiding well down the right flank.
After the half time interval the game was more open and Lazio had their golden opportunity went Zarate hit the post and Mauri had the rebound shot saved . I remember saying to Steven (laziale86) that that was going to be our chance and we could pay for not taking it . Sadly 10 minutes later this was to come true and roma scored.
The intoduction of Tommy Rocchi was too late , something i feel that should have been done at half time , and although deserving at least a point we were beaten .
I only saw Totti`s gesture to the curva nord on t.v the next day , something that only makes me hate him and fat-boy Mexes even more !!
Making our way back with Steven and Yasmine we jumped on the bus at Piazza Mancini only to be confronted with a driver in constant communication with his base and a sketched map on the way back to Termini . This didn`t fill us with confidence and sure enough he eventually got lost and  took a wrong turn . This was my chance to get my own back on the notourious roman traffic and become a traffic cop for the night . I took great pleasure of holding up 3 lanes of traffic at a crossroads full of horn-tooting romanisti while our driver reversed out !
Once back it was off to bed with a heavy heart and the usuall spot of sight-seeing on monday.

The highlight of the trip was again meeting our friends  , seeing the Finnish guys take the Lazioland drinking title away from  the Swedes ( how they stay awake for 4 days i`ll never know ), Agent orange and Psyke recounting tales of their toilet disaster and seeing our flag proudly flying at the Olympico .
The lowlight was losing a match we deserved something from and being violently ill at the airport on tuesday morning and not thinking i`d get home !

As has been said before supporting Lazio is a rollercoaster-ride but we`ll return in April when hopefully fortune favours us and ther spectre of religation has been banished.
Thanks again to all you guys who were there - you are all stars

oh and from Ellie XXXXXXXXXX - you`ll know what it means !

Quote from: Namortsac
Here's my story

I went to Rome from Perugia on the friday to pick up the tickets for me and my friend. When I came to Termini all was caos. No busses or subway were going because a strike. Damn it I thought. What am i going to do now? But then after approx. 30 minutes everyting started to roll again but there was massive trafficjams so it took me around 3 hours to go to Laziostyle to collect the tickets and back again to Termini to meet my friend who was arriving from Fiumicino.

We spent the friday night in the nice quartier Trastevere (even if I heard it's a romanista hang out) and thenwe took the first morning train back to Perugia and stayed over the night, so we missed the derby dinner:(Another time guys.

Anyways we arrived in Rome on sunday again and walked from piazza San Pietro towards Olimpico. On the way you really felt the tension rise inside you when you saw all the people, poliziotti, helicopter
and heard the bombs in the background. Goosebumps. But then we made a grande mistake, hehe.

Instead of keep going on the road we thought we could go a little closer to the stadium but we ended up outside la curva delle merde without the possibility to go further. So i quickly put my scarf inside the jacket and we went back whistelling the way we came  meeting all the romanisti watching on us.

Well back on the way we walked a bit and then appeard this great firework infront of us. My friend who never has been to a great football match before became a little anxious but I said to who we must go there to reach la Curva. So we went a little but then the police arrived and shot teargas and everyone who has felt it knows that it is not a pleasent experience: you can't breath or see.

After that little intermezzo we reached la Curva and the feeling you get coming up from the stairs entering the stadium is have funing priceless. The panorama, the songs, tifo, everything... Bellissima! Then Muslera the great entered the stadium and then we crashed the Roma inno whith whisteling. I asked my friend after whathe thought about the Roma inno. He answerd "What inno?!?!" Haha I like that.

The game itself wasn't that great from my point of view. Lazio ruled the game over the team of chicken-ass Ranieri. But the players hadn't confidence and Zarate was to lonely upfront. Then about the suspension of the game I can say that I saw that the first bomb was thrown in the Lazio section.

After the game I became very proud of the Curva who was singing great even though we lost. I was also surprised that I only heard chantings of Lotito one or two times during the game. Also very little against Ballardini.

After this there were some monkeybusiness outside the stadium but we managed get past it and back to the hostel safe.

We thank Laziofever, Paolo and every laziale for a great show and I hope we see each other soon!!

Quote from: Ermetico
Pics By Terry from the dinner

// A topic performed by Mr.Andersson, Lazioland team!
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