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Author Topic: Your Fantastico market  (Read 117741 times)


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Re: Your Fantastico market
« Reply #1950 on: December 19, 2017, 09:48:32 AM »

If De Vrij sold, can we bring home Romagnoli? Our laziale lost boy.

De Vrij = Romagnoli + Vicari (SPAL)  :sciarpa05:

i partly agree. I would not have anything against one of those two. The only point i have is - if we want to improve our defense, than it can't be: 2 defenders = 1 defender

If De Vrij is leaving, we need someone who has his qualities, and not 2 defenders who are weaker.

I would say more - selling Wallace and Bastos, and get Romagnoli and Vicari. That makes sense for me, if we don't want to end again with a huge number of conceding goals.


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Re: Your Fantastico market
« Reply #1951 on: December 19, 2017, 04:05:49 PM »

We need to strengthen the whole defence, not only the center back positions ! Stefan Radu's best years are behind him even though I really like him for being faithful to Lazio for many seasons now.
In the current squad, apart from de Vrij, I would keep Lukaku and Patric (as a versatile back up) and get rid of Basta, Wallace, Bastos and of course ... Mauricio  :wuzz: Let's keep Marusic as a back up too, and we still need a pair of good centre backs as well as a right back.
I'm not sure the sale of de Vrij would let us buy a decent whole new defence.
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