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Author Topic: Alessandro Neta Hardtalk  (Read 339 times)


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Alessandro Neta Hardtalk
« on: October 29, 2014, 04:29:34 PM »

Q: Tell us something about your childhood and how you fell in love with the game. How big an influence was your father in your decision to join Lazio?

    Nesta: I’ve spent my entire childhood only thinking about football; once done with school I’d rush in the courtyard until darkness playing football. Then, when I was 7, my dad signed me up in my neighborhood’s team, Cinecittà, which was connected to AS Roma; after a few months AS Roma scouts noticed me and asked my father whether I’d play for them, but dad, a major SS Lazio supporter, denied and after some more months I ended up playing for SS Lazio, making him the happiest ever.

Q: When you were still a Lazio player, you were part of the incident which saw Paul Gascoigne, Lazio’s star signing back then, suffer a terrible injury. Did that have any psychological impact on you?

    Nesta: When I caused Paul Gascoigne’s injury I was a 14 year old boy, beginning his training sessions with main team. Gascoigne had been the most expensive purchase in SS Lazio’s history and that day we were training in a reduced pitch. He mad a couple of nasty fouls on me but I, being a young boy, of course, didn’t dare say a word and kept playing. At some point I saw him rushing through and this time I was harsh with my tackle too but I ended up breaking both his shinbone and fibula. There was a huge chaos, there were supporters and reporters but no one blamed me and the first one to cheer me up, seeing me most frightened, was Coach Dino Zoff. Once Paul got back from leg surgery he cheered me up saying it wasn’t my fault and he gave me five pairs of shoes and a fishing kit. I have no idea why, but that was just like him.

Q: There are stories of the Lazio board intimating you at the very last minute of your sale to Milan. How did you react to this and how long did it take you to come to terms with the move?

    Nesta: My transfer to AC Milan was very weird; it was the very last day of the transfer window and I had been attending morning training in Formello (SS Lazio Headquarters); at some point Massimo Cragnotti (SS Lazio’s president at that time) called me up. I got off the pitch and he told me I had been moved to AC Milan. I could not refuse for everybody knew about the club’s problems and by that very same evening I found myself in San Siro stadium facing 60,000 supporters. It was traumatic for I did not even have time to realize what was going on.

Q: Most of the Lazio fans didn’t take that transfer kindly and you were often portrayed as a traitor when you moved to Milan. Does that still bother you? If not for Lazio’s finances would you have liked to stay there for longer?

    Nesta: Since a couple of years Mr. president, Cragnotti, meant to give me up. The club was piling up many debts and our salaries was not been paid for 6 months. I knew sooner or later I should have left, for, arriving from the juveniles, and being very expensive, I was the player out of whom they might have made the most among the whole team. That’s why I don’t consider myself a traitor at the least. [Sic]

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