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Author Topic: From Croatia my bad experience  (Read 1507 times)


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From Croatia my bad experience
« on: August 03, 2010, 12:07:11 AM »

By Zepikula.
This story is important because teaches u how difficult could be the entry in the Olimpico....

My name is Željko and I live in Croatia, Pula.I've been a fan of Lazio for fifteen years.I'd desided to take my colegues on a football match of my favorite football club.Lazio, off course.We arrived in Roma on 13.12.2009. and searched for tickets for the match.After few non succesfull tryings to buy them  in the citty ( bar in Via Serpenti and few lottomatica)and arrond the stadium, we couldn't get them.We tried to get them in Via Calderini in Lazio official shop and there they told us that the menagement of Lazio had decided to forbide entrance into the match to everybody except the citizens of Roma, what we didn't know.They didn't want to sell us tickets for the match.Sad, we got back to the stadium hoping we coul'd find tickets, but we didn't.The boys who sell tickets ( resellers) seamed a little bit susspicial and we didn't believe we woul'd get in with their tickets.The only thing we coul'd do was to buy some accessories of Lazio and take pictures on the Olympico stadium, what we did.On the Olympico stadium we met some nice workers ( stewards) who were very sadly we couldn't see the match.They were so kind and tried to help us on every possible way they coul'd, but also without success!!!THANK YOU GUYS...If You read this , you will recognize yourselves and please send me private message.They were really sad for our helpless situation and one of them gave me a scarf of Lazio to my little sun who is 6 and also A BIG FAN OF LAZIO ...Other one gave me stickers of Lazio which I shall stick to every car in my town , Pula in Croatia.After unseccsfull  tryings to buy tickets and enter into  the Stadium, we turned arround and took way back to the hotel.While  we were walking sad and dissapointed, in opposite way were coming fans of Lazio from Roma happy to go and see the match.They were woundering why we were going the opposite way from the Stadium???We could't believe what had just happened to us , and sat sad and quiet on our beds in hotel.I still can't  belive what has happened to us...But the only positive thing is LAZIO HAS  FINALLY WON!

Best regards to all fans of Lazio !!!

p.s. I am the one with the scarf, on the picture

Dont' ask what la Lazio can do for you.
Ask yourself what you can do for la Lazio.


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Re: From Croatia my bad experience
« Reply #1 on: August 24, 2010, 09:27:45 PM »

i have a question mr.admin. so,when this problem is resolved?
i mean if tessera del tiffoso start, are people from outside roma able again to watch lazio in olimpico?
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