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Author Topic: Squawka and Whoscored  (Read 238 times)


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Squawka and Whoscored
« on: November 01, 2016, 06:54:03 PM »

I believe that statistic has place in football nowdays and some, begin to qualitatively argue about the best players. It makes me interesting reading comment about whether we can rely on Squawka or whoscored completely to judge the performance of a player or not.

I do little research to know how these sites sums up player performance and I hope some member here do more bit of grounding about articles below


Actions: 28 types Including passes, shots, saves, take-ons, clearances, fouls, tackles, cards, interceptions, blocks, key passes etc.

Execution: 942 Combinations Left foot, right foot ,head, swerving, strong, weak, volley, half volley, long ball, through ball, set piece, assist, length of pass, individual skill, flick on, forward, backward etc.

Outcomes: 2 Possibilities Success / Failed

Players: 4 Types Goalkeeper, Defender, Midfielder, Forward

Pitch Areas: there are 13 areas (see on website)


Whoscored doesnt explicitly explain about indicators they use to rate performance, instead said that:

"There are over 200 raw statistics included in the calculation of a player'ís/teamí's rating, weighted according to their influence within the game. Every event of importance is taken into account, with a positive or negative effect on ratings weighted in relation to its area on the pitch and its outcome"
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