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Author Topic: Europa League : SS Lazio - Vitesse Arnhem 1-1 , 23/11/2017  (Read 557 times)


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Re: Europa League : SS Lazio - Vitesse Arnhem 1-1 , 23/11/2017
« Reply #20 on: November 24, 2017, 05:23:43 PM »

I don't see him posting about it, did he delete it

And yeah I don't remember the last time the stadium was this empty, apart from after stadium bans

It was a video of the empty stands in his story with the comment that's it's not so nice to see.

Given we lost the Derby courtesy of a fairly woeful performance and this was a meaningless game played at a time when most Romans are just done with work for the day, I'm impressed anyone turned up. Most people chose not to give that a watch, be it regular stadium attendees or our own forum members.

SMS probably felt well placed to comment given he wasn't in the squad and probably made the choice to go watch which is admirable, but our fanbase isn't made up of millionaire footballers.

Typical young rich kid footballer aye.  :twinkle:
People have to work and take care of the kids on a schoolnight. He's got no idea on those matters, but that's normal.
In certain countries with certain clubs that's never a problem, but the stadion would be packed with locals on wellfare and kids who roam the streets.  Topclass of society.  :whistle:

But i do find it massive he came to watch, really, most other pro players would be enjoying the night off.
Clearly he's dedicated.
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