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Author Topic: Serie A: Lazio Torino, Monday, 11-12-2017  (Read 1938 times)


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Re: Serie A: Lazio Torino, Monday, 11-12-2017
« Reply #190 on: December 12, 2017, 01:01:58 PM »

But then again the hand was in natural position anyway

Lol. That is not what is called a natural position. Complete opposite. Come on Cnon  :ohnoo:

First you have to define what is natural and what is unnatural. For me natural is pretty much any position your hand is normally when you run or jump while trying to keep your balance. Unnatural is basically when you raise your hand up over the shoulders or as wide as possible deliberately to make yourself bigger. Natural doesn't mean that you have to keep your hands behind your back or next to your body. Iago Falque wasn't trying to stop the ball, he just ran there and tried to stop himself quickly and thus had arms wide to keep his balance. Completely natural.

Btw don't blame me, blame the stupid rules. "Natural" is a such a stupid way to define the handball rule. I mean, for someone "natural" could mean any position you can move your hand, even as wide as possible or hands up as high as possible. And unnatural basically could mean unnatural position when the bones of your hands have broken and your hand is in a very awkward position.
It might not be perfect but I can stretch to maybe 75% close to perfect. That's all you get Cathal, 25%  :fingerup:
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