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Author Topic: Serie A : SS Lazio - Chievo Verona 5-1 , 21/01/2018  (Read 883 times)


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Re: Serie A : SS Lazio - Chievo Verona 5-1 , 21/01/2018
« Reply #30 on: January 22, 2018, 09:55:08 PM »

I was surprised it was Anderson who came in to play as a striker rather than Nani when Immobile was substituted. Anderson showed again that he is lacking the striker instinct. Almost immediately coming in he a great back pass from Lulic and he wasted it by dribbling and losing the ball when he should have shot. A moment later he had a ball, lots of space to run and two defenders in front of him and he almost stopped the attack and started to wait others just to suddenly realize that he should probably run and try to get past the defenders, which he almost did. The moment of hesitation might have made the difference of scoring and not scoring. After that he was pretty much invisible the whole match and as soon as Nani entered, he showed that he is much more capable to play as a striker.

I was also surprised by the sub.  Felipe in instead of Nani seemed strange but the intention was understandable.  Felipe indeed showed the lack of killer instinct but Inzaghi's idea cleary was for Felipe to swarm as a false 9 and draw defenders out of position and that was more or less the key to our big win after a struggling first half. 

Because of this Leiva was able to assist a free running Sergej into the box wich delivered the reassuring 3-1 score.  Nani then later on showed to be more effective being something more of a secondary striker characteristic.
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