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Author Topic: Serie A: SS Lazio - SSC Napoli 1-2, 18/08/2018  (Read 1579 times)


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Re: Serie A: SS Lazio - SSC Napoli 1-2, 18/08/2018
« Reply #80 on: August 20, 2018, 10:05:25 AM »

Is there any decent attack build up play in this game? Coz I cant see any in the highlights.

I don't understand this. Why are we basing opinions on highlights and pre-season friendlies instead of actual competitive games we've watched over the last couple of years? It's almost the exact same team.

Not saying those who are not watching the games are not entitled to give their view, just that there seems to be a real over-analysis of stuff that, in my opinion at least, matters little.

Yes, there was decent attack build-up play in this game.

Highlights are chosen to tell a story. The story was, Lazio take lead, Napoli come back. So the highlights become all about Napoli, all the chances they had to get back into the game and win. To tell that story, they don't show you what Lazio were doing during that time.

No one is saying Napoli didn't have chances - they did, they deserved to win - but if we defended adequately, we could've won this game with the few chances we had.

In my opinion it was clear that Napoli was ahead of us in preparation for the season. I've said this after watching the games against Borussia Dtm...It's difficult to catch up in 1 week, especially when you don't have any other game planned. 

This is a key point. We have absolutely, most definitely chosen to start the season paying catch-up. Probably because we've a long season and with players at the World Cup, it was probably decided it's better to peak late than start off the season with a bang.

This is also why Simone is moaning about having to start against Napoli and Juventus. He didn't want them early in the season because of the plan we are executing.


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Re: Serie A: SS Lazio - SSC Napoli 1-2, 18/08/2018
« Reply #81 on: August 20, 2018, 10:33:26 AM »

It's really bad that we started with losing a game. I was so hoping for at least a draw, because the heads would be free now.
Ok...last season - Spal... also no free heads, so i hope that we get a result in Turin. At least a draw there, and we would be back on track - especially mentally.
I don't want to go into a shit Chievo game with 0 points.

We saw that Juve is still not at 100% and so there are chances.

About the Napoli game - again defensive errors which should not happen. As i said - i would invest a huge sum of money into this defense.
Acerbi is not bad - i think he is better for us than De Vrij, but there is Radu who is aging and the right side is what i don't like. No real number 1 CB there and Marusic in front of him. That costs points.

But also a reason why we lost, were the real bad game by SMS and LA. Both a disaster in my opinion.

The coming weeks will tell us how the team is clicking. Some attacks were fine - i also liked Baedlj who is only a short time together with this team and did a good job. Would be interesting to see him playing more often instead of Parolo.

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Re: Serie A: SS Lazio - SSC Napoli 1-2, 18/08/2018
« Reply #82 on: August 20, 2018, 10:41:13 AM »

Yet Napoli was far from their peak form too and would've been relatively easy to beat or steal a point, at least compared to the last couple of seasons. In the end we weren't sharp enough to win, but if Acerbi's header goes in and LA didn't miss a free shot from 12 yards, the tune in here would be different but our performance still the same...

On to the next game, which won't be any easier. Sorting out our defensive issues will take more time than just a preseason, and maybe it's impossible. Acerbi's first true game action has me hopeful though that he can steady the ship. We won't ever be a fortress, but at least we could become harder to break down when protecting a lead.
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