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Author Topic: The story of my immigration  (Read 134 times)


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The story of my immigration
« on: September 13, 2018, 04:59:39 AM »

Alright my Laziali friends, I'm facing a new dilemma in my life, and need some words of wisdom!

I'm thinking of trying to emigrate from Iran, and start a new life somewhere else. Why am I thinking of immigration? Well, I'm not satisfied with my situation here, can't find any purpose in my life, my country's economic / political / social situation is getting worse and worse year after year, and I would love to experience a new environment.

I got my BS about 6 years ago and during the last six years, I was busy working (and getting done with military service) and earning some money for myself.
Now that I have some money in my pocket, I think it's the right time to find a new country to go.

Now let me talk a bit about the possible options that I might have. These are only some possible destinations, and there's no guarantee that I would be able to get Visa for any of these countries. But if I want to try out my chance, I would try these options.

- South Africa
With my current conditions, there are some chance that I could get a one-year working visa for South Africa. I can go and work there for one year, and after that, I would probably have some chance to extend my visa and stay there permanently (To be honest, I haven't researched yet about what could happen after 1 year!)

The good point is that it is an English-speaking country, and I don't have to spend so much money to be qualified for that visa. Also I think I have enough money for the first year that I'll stay there, and won't have financial problems for at least a while.

The downside? well, I have zero information about that country, and don't have slightest idea how my life would look like there.

- Canada
I can try to get admission from universities there, study for 2 years to get my Master, and then try my chance in finding a job and getting permanent visa.

The positive is that their language is English, and well, I will be able to live in one of the most modern countries in the world. Who from a third-world country wouldn't want that!

The downside? Money! I think for 2 years of study and living in Canada, I would need to spend at least 50-60 thousand Canadian dollars. Well, that's all the money that I have (even more than all the money that I have!).
I have to spend all the money that I've collected in the last 6 years, and after 2 years when I finish my studies (if I finish them on time), i will have no money left. At that time, I will be around 32/33 years old, and it seems scary to me to finish all the money I have in that age. Then, what if I won't be able to extend my Visa and get eventual permanent stay? (which with Canadian immigration rules changing each year, that's not unlikely at all).

- Germany
German universities are almost free or with a small tuition fee. Also, living expenses are much more affordable that Canada. It seems to be easier to get a permanent visa if I'll be able to get a job for a few years, comparing to Canada which getting visa is a point-based system and does not have to do with duration that you stayed there.

The problem with Germany? Their language is not English! That's a very big problem really, because I have to start learning German from scratch, and it's not just a matter of getting some language degree in German. I know that to be able to live and getting job there, I have to learn their language perfectly, and it doesnt really seem to be an easy task.

I need to point out again that all the options that I mentioned above are only an option, and even If I start trying for any of them, there's no any guarantee that I would succeed in getting admission from universities and/or getting visa from respective embassies. So maybe at the end, I decide to let go of this immigration idea and continue my life where I am now.

Now, I would be glad if anyone share their experiences about immigration, and if there's some advice regarding my situation that could be of benefit in my decision-making process.


Some of you might probably remember that a long time ago I was asking for some advice on emigrating. Now I want to give some update about this!

Well, the good news is that, I finally managed to enter into Canada (I've been here in Canada for almost 20 days). The bad news is, I don't have money anymore!  :beer:

First of all, I want to give thanks to anybody who helped me in my decision making at that time. Also thanks to one of our Canadian members here, Miro, who gave me some insight about the life there.

And here's the story of how I came to this point:

I got an admission from a Canadian university in October 2017. (The tuition fee for the program was something about 45,000 CAD). My admission was for Winter 2018 term. But because the visa process for Iranian citizens usually takes longer than usual, I had to defer my starting term to September 2018 because there was no way that I could obtain visa for January 2018. I finally got my visa after about six months. (Funny, because obtaining student visa usually shouldn't take more than 2 weeks, but well, I just can't change my nationality. It's how it is!)

At the time, I had saved enough money to pay for my tuition fees. But in the past 9 months, the economy of Iran has collapsed terribly and I lost a lot!

To give you a glimpse of what has happened during the past few months in Iran, I put it in this way:

Our currency unit in Iran is called Rial. Last year, 1 Canadian dollar was worth 30,000 Rials (damn it was too high even then!). So I had saved about 1,500,000,000 Rials that was equivalent of 50,000 Canadian dollars.

But the value of Iranian currency unit has dropped so bad in the past few months that as of today, 1 Canadian dollar is worth 120,000 Iranian Rials!!!

It means that the value of Iranian money (and therefore my money) has dropped 4 times in less than one year.

I even got a new admission from another program and another university that is cheaper than the previous one so that I could handle the situation better, but still, it's too high for me.

With the current situation, I am no sure what is going happen to me here in Canada. I have money to pay for my first two semesters, but after that, I will reach rock bottom. I had tried so hard to get admission and visa, so in no way it was acceptable for me to pass up the opportunity of coming to Canada. I knew that if I had decided to pass up the opportunity, I would have regretted the decision for the rest of my life so decided to come and just see what happens next.

Anyway, I have just opened a GoFundMe campaign to see if I can get some donations:

I don't know if it will work or not, but you could imagine that in my situation, I would do anything to tackle the problem.

If you guys think that you could donate some small money each, I will gladly accept your donations! :) And of course I will be grateful of anybody who helps me in any way.

Sorry for the long post, and Forza Lazio!  :beer:
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