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Author Topic: My Welcome and good Luck to Lazioland.  (Read 900 times)


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My Welcome and good Luck to Lazioland.
« on: August 14, 2010, 02:45:10 PM »

My Lazio friends.
Finally the new forum is open and i am looking at it like a new babyborn because after 8 years in Lazioworld Laziofever i finally realize that we did something special.
I am proud of it even if it is not shining and full of super banners because is full of Laziali and most important old and i hope new friends.
These friends from all over have accepted in the last years the motto under all circumstances and we really create one of a kind Laziali community . The main reason why la S Lazio respect us is for our style and straight beaviour in any occasion and any situation.
We always support and criticize la Lazio in freedom . We always declare our Lazialita' without any interest. We always share our passion with strenght.

Now Lazioland is going to walk for a new project and , i hope, with all of you oldes one and the new arrival that i warmly welcome and support to follow our style.

Again let me remind you that our history is based on self respect and , many times, on self control when debates occurs. I don't mind a good  :fingerup: when needed but i always remind all that we are here for one reason : La SS Lazio.

For this reason i and the whole LF team will figth. La Lazio and only la Lazio.

Thanks to all guys and enjoy, fight, discuss, shout , and whatever u like under the Motto.



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