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 on: Today at 02:21:01 PM 
Started by ilsemprelaziale - Last post by phantomm1976
 70 % of Felipe instead 100 % of Alberto.
 But I hope that we will found two good CB and switch in four men defense and create a space for both of them.
 FA is a player that this team should build a tactic on him.

 on: Today at 02:16:58 PM 
Started by Evesto - Last post by phantomm1976
 We should end this match after 20 min.
 Anyway, 3 points after long time.
 Ciro score after long time.

 on: Today at 02:04:55 PM 
Started by LaziAli - Last post by 117bono117
i really don't get the reasons we need to rotate. it's only one extra game or two per month if you want to consider milan at olimpico for the 2ng leg.
for all the major players in every club around the world they can play up to 42 games easily.
for god sakes harry kane did feature vs rochdale on monday.
ciro and all the key players must start.
i would love to see a change in midfield though.
with leiva savic luis alberto and anderson providing for immo ....
let's win this!

 on: Today at 01:58:06 PM 
Started by Quintus - Last post by Quintus
Guys, can you tell what is the song or the music when a player of our team score a goal ? And the one when the match is finished ?
I know that the start song is the very beautiful and motivated So già du ore.

Thank you very much !

 on: Today at 01:56:11 PM 
Started by Cathal - Last post by Stefano6
Fully agree with him if im honest

 on: Today at 01:53:30 PM 
Started by Evesto - Last post by Quintus
Really happy of the Victory of yesterday. We have seen a reactive team, which wanted to make the difference. And it makes the difference so far. Hope Lazio is back on work, big matches are coming. There is always bad moments in a season, for the moment we have preserved the essential. Hope yesterday is not just a good accident.

Forza Lazio et Forza Ciro !  :offlag:

 on: Today at 01:51:53 PM 
Started by adminfever - Last post by blue_sky
This is a list from transfermarkt which is Tare favor; the expired contract players 2018:
CB ---- no name very a attempting. I would throw a name Funes Mori from Everton. Last targeted from Tare in 2015. Young, NT of Argentina, 2020 contract. Everyone is dropping now so maybe we can try. 12 mil expected.

Midfielder --- so many names on the list of transfermarkt. Two name interesting which are :
 1. Oguzhan Özyakup who was targeted by Tare 2 years ago. Expired in 2018 and affordable from Besiktas. He has many caps for NT turkey
2. Milan Badelj. We know him
3. Left midfielder and can be left back which is Asamoah from Juve

 on: Today at 01:50:18 PM 
Started by Cathal - Last post by hamid
Lotito contro i tifosi della Salernitana: “Trovassero chi caccia i soldi e vendo la società: a Salerno nessuno la vuole”

Risultati altalenanti e addio sogni di gloria: la Salernitana è in ritardo e sta perdendo il treno play-off. Le colpe? Per i tifosi sono della società, che non ha investito sul mercato come si doveva per una piazza che per loro merita altri palcoscenici. Dura la replica di Claudio Lotito: “I tifosi della Salernitana sono come San Matteo: hanno due facce” – si legge nelle pagine de La Città – “Paga da soldato e vizi da generale: troppo facile così, troppo facile lamentarsi e parlare con la tasca degli altri. Mi hanno fatto spendere un patrimonio, ci sono voluti tanti soldi per scalare le categorie. Purtroppo i tifosi hanno memoria corta ma io no e voglio sempre ricordare dov’erano prima e dove sono ora. La Salernitana era finita in Eccellenza. Se lo sono dimenticato?“.

Lotito è un fiume in piena: “Visto che meritano di più, i tifosi trovassero chi caccia i soldi e la Salernitana la cedo domani mattina, non c’è problema. La verità è che a Salerno non la vuole nessuno: non ci sono imprenditori disposti a mettere mano alla tasca per prendere la Salernitana. Gridano ‘Lotito dove sei?’. Sono a Benevento a fare la campagna elettorale: qual è il problema? Adesso ho altro da fare e non ho tempo di pensare al calcio. Non mi pare, in ogni caso, che alla Salernitana manchi qualcosa: noi onoriamo gli impegni ed a Salerno ci sono le persone preposte. Noi facciamo il nostro dovere. Il compito dei tifosi, invece, è di tifare e sostenere. Pensassero ad andare allo stadio, visto che in ogni partita casalinga sono sempre di meno. Pure noi allora dovremmo lamentarci: 14 milioni di euro per vedere che allo stadio non ci va nessuno. Non andiamo bene? Non sono contenti? L’ho detto e lo ripeto: trovassero chi è disposto a subentrare – ma non a chiacchiere – e togliamo il disturbo“.

Infine sulla scelta Colantuono: “Ho messo l’allenatore che volevano loro, mi hanno rotto le scatole. Adesso il piatto piange e cosa vogliono…un altro allenatore? Stessi risultati di prima, pochi punti: lo vedo anche io, mica sono cieco. Ci sono problemi, infortuni, poi ci si mette anche la sfortuna: la squadra non segna, prende due pali con lo stesso tiro. Avete visto Rosina? Mi pare sia entrato in campo con lo spirito giusto e poteva segnare una o due volte, al di là del calcio di punizione. Fino a qualche settimana fa non era buono. Se segnava, che cosa avreste detto? I giocatori ci sono, pure di qualità. Non tocca a me metterli in campo, perché c’è l’allenatore che se ne occupa“.è%29


Google Translate:

Lotito against the fans of Salerno: "They find those who hunt money and sell the company: no one wants in Salerno"

Results fluctuating and goodbye dreams of glory: the Salernitana is late and is losing the train play-off. The faults? For the fans they are from the company, which has not invested in the market as it was due to a square that deserves other stages for them. Claudio Lotito's reply: "The fans of the Salernitana are like San Matteo: they have two faces" - reads the pages of La Città - "Pay for soldier and vices as a general: too easy, too easy to complain and talk with the others' pocket. They made me spend a fortune, it took a lot of money to climb the categories. Unfortunately, the fans have a short memory but I do not and I always want to remember where they were before and where they are now. The Salernitana had ended in Excellence. Did I forget it? "

Lotito is a river in full: "Since they deserve more, the fans find those who hunt the money and the Salerno I give you tomorrow morning, no problem. The truth is that no one wants it in Salerno: there are no entrepreneurs willing to put their hands to take the Salernitana. They shout 'Lotito where are you?'. I am in Electoral Campaign in Benevento: what's the problem? Now I have other things to do and I do not have time to think about football. It does not seem to me, in any case, that something is missing from the Salernitana: we honor the commitments and in Salerno there are the people in charge. We do our duty. The task of the fans, however, is to cheer and support. They thought about going to the stadium, since in every home game they are less and less. Even then we should complain: € 14 million to see that no one goes to the stadium. Are not we okay? Are not they happy? I said it and I repeat: find those who are willing to take over - but not to talk - and remove the trouble ".

Finally on the choice Colantuono: "I put the coach who wanted them, they broke my boxes. Now the pot is crying and what do they want ... another coach? Same results as before, few points: I see it too, I'm not blind. There are problems, injuries, then there is also bad luck: the team does not score, takes two stakes with the same shot. Have you seen Rosina? I think he entered the field with the right spirit and could score once or twice, beyond the free kick. Until a few weeks ago it was not good. If he scored, what would you have said? The players are there, also of quality. It's not up to me to put them on the field, because there's the coach who takes care of it ".

 on: Today at 01:17:03 PM 
Started by adminfever - Last post by ilsemprelaziale
Unfortunately it's not like there's a bunch of good CBs just waiting for Lazio to call them. Starting to feel like this is a position that is in serious decline in European football..

But some names I'd consider if I were Tare

Rodrigo Caio
Rafael Toloi (based on stats he's been one of the best CBs this season in Serie A)

Then there's matthijs de ligt who we have been linked with in the past. At this point I'm not sure if this is full fantastico suggestion or if we have a chance. De Vrij was heavily linked with Man Utd and yet we signed him, so who knows whether the rumours about this kid are real or not.

edit: I looked at stats on whoscored and based on stats alone there's some pretty interesting CBs in the Serie A. If anyone has anything to share on these names please do

Federico Ceccherini, Crotone (leads Serie A with most clearances per game on average, 7.6 right now)
Antonio Caracciolo, Verona
Bruno Zuculini, Verona

Before anyone kills me. I'm not saying they are good enough for us, but just that there might be a hidden gem there somewhere..

 on: Today at 01:10:03 PM 
Started by adminfever - Last post by ilsemprelaziale
If de Vrij leaves... Robert Huth?

He's someone have had on my mind as a Leiva-esque signing of someone you could take on the way down that could come to Italy and do a job.

What do people think of Huth? And what other players spring to mind as potential replacements for de Vrij?

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