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 on: Today at 02:12:31 PM 
Started by drazvan - Last post by Crni Đorđe
I'll quote ex-Lazio player from 70s, Franco Nanni: 'In football, friendships don't exist and whoever say you otherwise speaks nonsense. You live together with some players, changing in same locker room, playing together on Sunday, but when one of you dropped to bench in favor of second - everything cracking.
Playing together creates connection, but never true friendship.'

 on: Today at 01:25:14 PM 
Started by drazvan - Last post by Hadi Van Der Vaart
Keita, Anderson n de Vrij are good friends in their first year here. They usually spent time together, just look at several pictures when they are in barbershop, restaurant or congrats each other on birthday. I think age is the main factor n we have not many young foreign players back there. Then Hoedt, Patric n Wallace came, you are surely more comfortable hangout with someone who can speak your language. Keita even unfollowed de Vrij's IG account at the early of this season, but he is following him again now (he is only following few Lazio players). So yes, I think those three still are good friends now eventhough not as close as they early year in Lazio.

 on: Today at 01:18:11 PM 
Started by drazvan - Last post by Cathal
Keita said at the weekend that he and Patric have been friends from a very young age. I'd discounted that in the past as their professional careers didn't overlap until they were in Rome, but clearly they got to know each other in La Masia. Patric had a private birthday party in Madrid, and Keita was the player from Lazio that attended. And Keita calls Tounkara his brother, and again, they've history before Lazio. I do think that if Patric and Tounkara left, Keita would be a lot less enthusiastic about playing in Rome.

But football is a job to these players, and while it may be different to most in that this is their dream job and they are lucky to have it, most will have other priorities in life be it family or even other hobbies.

If I had the choice between jobs, one that brings home 500 euro a week where I get to work with my two best mates and one that brings home 510 euro a week, and the companies are much of a muchness, I take the one that pays better over the opportunity to work with friends. And my wife would kill me if I took the lower offer.

Realistically, if Lazio offer 1.5 million to Keita but Milan's interest is real and they come in and offer 1.6 million to Keita, I think he leaves.

I think having Patric, Tounkara maybe even de Vrij, Anderson, SMS etc. keeps Keita happy at Lazio, but I don't think it prevents him from taking more money or seizing an opportunity at what he sees as a bigger club.

 on: Today at 01:05:41 PM 
Started by drazvan - Last post by lazioserbia
Why would Keita be friend with De Vrij? He's more likely to be friend with Patric or Felipe...

 on: Today at 11:54:57 AM 
Started by drazvan - Last post by Cathal
Don't agree with some of your thoughts, Cnon.

I just don't think Keita and de Vrij are so close that they are factoring each other into their contract negotiations. And Keita has been clear in saying Barcelona is his favourite club and that he'd like to go back.

I think de Vrij is playing as well now as he ever has done for Lazio. I think two years ago, his performances were exaggerated. He made mistakes then, he makes mistakes now. He was solid then, he's solid now.

I get that you're speculating and I agree that it's possible, but it's so much more unlikely in my mind than yours  :razz:

 on: Today at 11:48:42 AM 
Started by drazvan - Last post by Cnon
What if the situation is that Keita wants triple his salary and de Vrij to stay? I mean surely he would get triple or even quadruple his salary in England or any other bigger team in Italy/Germany/Spain while playing with even better players.

If he was going to get those offers elsewhere, do you think he'd turn them down to stay with de Vrij? Not sure if you're playing devil's advocate or if I'm just missing the point.

I think what you are saying is that maybe these players won't sign new deals unless they have assurances that the team won't be weakened. Yes?

But would anyone turn down a pay rise just at a better company just to keep working with their current workmates? Unlikely, no?

He clearly likes Lazio a lot and at the moment is most likely the team that he loves the most. I'm assuming that he is most likely to accept lesser salary to stay at Lazio and to build it a top team if Lotito is willing invest a bit more. If that's not going to happen, then he probably wants to move to abroad and play in a team that is willing to invest and fight for championships.

Don't you agree that de Vrij is a key player? At least he is the first defender you want to see in the first eleven and Inzaghi plays him when possible. Personally I think de Vrij hasn't had that great season but I think he has potential to be much better and maybe it's down to motivation as well, or lack of it. They are also good friends. If de Vrij leaves, then maybe Keita wants to leave as well. And maybe it's the other way around. Maybe Keita wants to leave and that's why de Vrij hasn't signed a new contract.

Just pure speculation but it's possible.

 on: Today at 11:44:14 AM 
Started by LaziAli - Last post by Stefano6
It definitely felt like there were more there than there were against Napoli, the queues to get in were longer and Tevere stand was almost full.

It was a really nice day, afternoon games are more appealing than evening games, and for a lot of people they had no work on Monday, so I can understand some people who didnt want to go out to Napoli game coming to this one.

 on: Today at 11:21:44 AM 
Started by Nass - Last post by Cathal
Anybody looking at Pioli's CV will see a manager who is capable of getting 100% out of everyone for 6-12 months but who can't sustain that over a prolonged period of time. It happened at Bologna, it happened at Lazio and it's happening at Inter.

No player has ever really said a bad word about him in public so I don't think it's that he can't get the players behind him - I think he can - it's more that he doesn't seem to have the required character to keep everyone on the same page.

Every chance it's not really been his fault either. At Bologna, they ran out of money, at Lazio, we experienced difficulties we had under previous iterations, at Inter, well, this isn't exactly new.

 on: Today at 11:15:22 AM 
Started by Nass - Last post by moody
For a year, I thought Pioli is the greatest coach we have since the 2000s. He brought good atmosphere and morale to the club, played beautiful attacking football and brought great results. But he quickly lost of all that in his second year, and seems the players don't back him even they always say so in the media. Somehow he's repeating this again in Inter. I wonder what is wrong with this guy?

 on: Today at 11:11:17 AM 
Started by Eka_Baron - Last post by moody
Inzaghi cant - in my opinion - be judged or hailed as a fenomeno after one season with Lazio playing just one game in a week for most part of the season.

The real test comes next season when the stakes become a bit higher. Where Inzaghi is now both Pioli and Petkovic has been before him with simular conditions (No EL).

Most people know this and Inzaghi rumored to numberous clubs is sure likley media BS. Lets wait until next season to see what he is made of.

I agree, but Petkovic inherited a side that had been challenging for a Champions League place in previous seasons and Stefano Pioli inherited a Lazio side which off the back of a poor season had little pressure on their shoulders and had received some serious investment from Lotito.

Inzaghi inherited a fractured dressing room with many wantaway players, a young and inexperienced team minus the knowledge and quality of Klose, Mauri and Candreva and had a delayed preparation due to the Bielsa saga, which we also know impacted greatly on the menatlity of the team.

I'm the one around here that says until we're in Europe, the team doesn't really experience hardship and that it's only in adversity that you learn about the manager, but Inzaghi has had much more to contend with than Pioli and Petkovic did in their first seasons.

Under Pioli and Petkovic, I was pretty convinced we'd see a significant slump in the second seasons. With Inzaghi and this group of players, I don't think we'll slide down the table unless others improve. Inzaghi has shown more in my opinion.

In terms of players available, I think they are pretty even for all 3. Inzaghi has Ciro Immobile, who might not be as great as Klose as a sportsman, but he is more prolific the goals really indicate so. In the back there's Wallace who is much better than Ciani or Cana, and in the midfield there's SMS who moves a lot and wins the headers.

Next season is not going to be so easy for Inzaghi since the Milan duo are going to strengthen up, and if we get into Europa, we simply can't handle it with the current squad. Ciro, Parolo, Biglia, FA, they all don't have adequate subs, so I'm not so positive for Inzaghi, and at the same time I wouldn't be putting all the blame on him if things go wrong.

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